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Past community engagement projects

South Beach proposed basketball court - Closed 09/02/2015
We want to know your views about the potential benefits and impacts of putting a basketball court in the public reserve at South Beach and invite you to tell us what you think.

Fremantle Primary School Park playground - Closed 15/12/2014
We’re designing an upgrade of the playground at Fremantle Primary School Park. The upgrade is part of a longer term strategy for the City’s play spaces, which aims to improve playground facilities, access and amenity.

Draft integrated transport strategy - Closed 12/12/2014
The integrated transport strategy (ITS) will guide the City’s decision making on transport projects and infrastructure over coming years. The City is interested to hear your thoughts on the ITS and welcomes all submissions.

Modification to proposed scheme amendment no. 57 - Closed 08/12/2014
Amendment No. 57 to the City of Fremantle's Local Planning Scheme No. 4 proposed increasing the residential density coding of 19-21 and 23-25 Burt Street, Fremantle from R60 to R160.

Parking permit policy review - Closed 13/10/2014
The City is currently analysing the feedback it received on parking permit review.

Scheme amendment 61 - Closed 13/10/2014
Amendment No. 61 proposes the minor review of the current development provisions and standards for the city centre strategic sites of sub area 1.3.2 of Local Planning Area 1 of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4.

Proposed Structure Plan – Swanbourne Street Local Structure Plan - Closed 23/09/2014
The proposed local structure plan applies to the land bounded by Swanbourne Street (west), Knutsford Street (north), Amherst Street (east) and Stevens reserve (south). It also does not include the Western Power substation land or Stevens Reserve. The structure plan proposes development of the above mentioned land for predominantly residential purposes, a portion of mixed use land use and associated public open space.

Samson Park fitness circuit - Closed 06/12/2013
Thank you to the residents of Samson who provided feedback on the draft proposal; your comments have assisted us to improve new recreation opportunities in Samson Park.

Strengthening arts and culture - Closed 31/10/2013
In September 2013, the City announced plans to consult on strengthening the local arts sector. A summary of the feedback received over the eight week consultation period and the final outcome follows.

Public comment period closed: Former Kim Beazley School site local structure plan - Closed 18/10/2013
The proposed former Kim Beazley School site local structure plan, as developed by Landcorp and prepared and submitted by Urbis Pty Ltd, is located east of Fremantle, and positioned between the Royal Fremantle Golf Course/Booyeembara Park. The residential density plan accompanying the structure plan proposes density of R25 to R80.

Public comment period closed: Scheme amendment no. 50 - Additional dwelling provisions - Closed 04/10/2013
To enable the development of an additional dwelling on a residential lot in specific circumstances where the lot benefits from front and rear public road access, irrespective of the residential density coding applicable to the lot.

Valley Park - Closed 15/09/2013
Your feedback contributed to a number of community inspired principles that will guide the development of a concept plan to revitalise Valley Park.

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