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City Centre urban renewal (Amendment 49)

Project starts:

Project completed: 16/11/2012

Amendment 49 was published in the Government Gazette on 18 January 2013 and has now taken statutory effect. Click here to view the gazetted Amendment 49 text. The amendment provisions now form part of the City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme No. 4 text.

On 28 March 2012, council adopted amendments to the City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme (Amendment 49) to enable the development of sufficient new floor space to accommodate higher density residential, retail and commercial development in the Fremantle CBD. On 16 November 2012 these amendments were approved by the Minister for Planning

The basis for Amendment 49 was to increase height limits on 12 non-heritage listed sites in the Fremantle CBD to encourage quality developments and increase Fremantle’s economic capacity. The 12 key sites are located in the eastern area of the City Centre zone, focused around Queen Street between the Fremantle Railway Station and Kings Square. These sites were identified by the City as capable of supporting redevelopment of an intensity and scale that would make a significant contribution to achieving the strategic imperatives of the City of Fremantle Strategic Plan 2010–15.

When combined with other measures to increase the number of people living, working and shopping in the Fremantle CBD, Amendment 49 will create a sustainable future for Fremantle’s city centre and provide an urban environment of vibrant, comfortable and human-scaled public spaces.

To read the full media statement from the Minister for Planning click here.

To view the site map showing the 12 strategic sites covered under Amendment 49 click here.


To contribute to the City’s overall vision for ‘Fremantle to be recognised as a unique city of cultural and economic significance’, the process to amend the City’s Local Planning Scheme was initiated in August 2011, following council’s adoption of the City Centre Strategic Sites Working Group report.

The working group, established in June 2010, determined that modifications to Local Planning Scheme No. 4(“LPS4”) were required to facilitate the redevelopment of key sites in the City Central area of the CBD,  achieve council’s revitalisation goals and to re-establish Fremantle as Perth’s second city. The recommendations addressed land use, built form, design and parking issues through an amendment to the planning scheme.

The City of Fremantle Economic Development Strategy adopted by council in April 2011, found that to revitalise Fremantle, the city required an additional:

  • 20 000 sqm of retail area
  • 70 000 sqm of office space
  • 1 500 dwellings.

It is anticipated that redevelopment of the 12 strategic sites in City Central, combined with development of minor city centre sites and other sites outside the area–including Victoria Quay and Fishing Boat Harbour–will enable these targets to be achieved.

Under the previous provisions of LPS4 (to maximum discretionary heights) it was determined that only 67% of the required floor space could be met. Council considered this as a sound basis to accept the recommendations of the strategic sites working group and amend the planning scheme.

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