The City of Fremantle funds and supports community development and arts related activities that contribute to community wellbeing and a vibrant, diverse community culture. 

When can I apply?

Community development funding rounds occur twice per year with closing dates:

  • last Thursday of February by 5:00pm (WST)
  • last Thursday of July by 5:00pm (WST)

Applicants will be notified within 8 weeks after the closing date.

Who can apply?

To apply for a Community Development Grant you must be:

  • a not-for-profit and/or charitable organisation who is incorporated.

To apply for an Arts Grant you must be:

  • a not-for-profit and/or charitable organisation who is incorporated OR
  • an individual (artist) with an ABN.

What category should I apply for?

Apply for a Community Development Grant if your project:

  • facilitates and promotes active participation in your community
  • focuses on the quality of the process rather than the outcomes
  • inspires and mobilises community to explore, grow and express their unique local culture.

Apply for an Arts Grant if your project:

  • aims to inspire the community through an artwork or performance
  • aspires for high quality artistic outcomes
  • challenges and extends artistic practice.

What do we look for?

The City of Fremantle will consider applications for projects and activities that will meet the following criteria:

  • have submitted the application no less than 2 months from the project commencement date
  • demonstrate ability to meet some or all of the City of Fremantle Strategic Community Development objectives
  • contributes positively to the image of the City
  • have all appropriate insurances
  • offer outcomes that directly benefit residents within the City of Fremantle
  • clear objectives and a realistic budget.

The City of Fremantle will not support:

  • conferences or conventions
  • activities that create an environmental hazard
  • activities that denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • activities that require ongoing salary or wage payment to individuals,  one off contractor/artistic fees are possible
  • capital purchases and maintenance, facility maintenance and improvements
  • general fundraising
  • the purchase of alcohol
  • late applications.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for up to $10,000 if applying for a Community Development Grant and up to $25,000 if applying for an Arts Grant. The proposal must demonstrate that other funding sources are also available for the project or activity.

Applicants will not be funded more than once for a similar project in the same financial year.

How do I apply?

Click here to start preparing for your application.

Contact us

For further information please email or phone:

Community Development Officer, Rachael Funch 08 9432 9651 (Tuesdays to Fridays)

Arts and Culture Officers, Mandy Hawkhead 08 9432 9724 (Tuesdays and Fridays) and Bruna Chiovitti 08 9432 9773 (Wednesdays and Fridays).