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About Inclusion and Disability Access


The City of Fremantle encourages diversity and is committed to creating an accessible, inclusive and welcoming community for people of all ages and abilities.

We are committed to making continuous improvements to ensure that buildings, facilities, services, events, information and employment opportunities are available to all community members – including people with disability.

Access and Inclusion Plan 2021–25 

Building on the success of previous initiatives, this Plan provides new opportunities to further ensure that challenges faced by many people living, working in, or visiting the Fremantle community are acknowledged and addressed.

At a glance it proposes three focus areas:

  • Diverse, inclusive and thriving communities.
  • Accessible places and spaces
  • Equitable access to City services


Access and Inclusion Plan 2016–20

The City of Fremantle's previous Access and Inclusion Plan 2016–2020 outlined a strategic approach to improve access and inclusion for people with disability over the five years. The actions of the plan benefited seniors, people with temporary injuries and parents with young children in prams.

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