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About Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N)


Neighbour 2 Neighbour (N2N) 2021

During COVID-19 the City of Fremantle launched the Neighbour 2 Neighbour project (N2N) to support its local residents by connecting community volunteers with people in need.

The City of Fremantle wants to keep this support, and more, going through the Neighbour 2 Neighbour (N2N) 2021 project.

Current Lockdown – February 2021
An immediate response to the current lockdown has been put in place and City of Fremantle Community Development staff have been checking in on local residents and matching them up with volunteers for support.

If you, or someone you know in your neighbourhood, needs support with dog walking, shopping or any other requests, please email N2N@fremantle.wa.gov.au.

Once we are back out of lock down, our next project:-

The new Together Again Café, commencing in Feb 2021

The Café  will be an opportunity for you, your neighbours and the local community to attend a social outing with free morning tea, friendly company and live entertainment. We are encouraging neighbours to bring neighbours who may live on their own or might be a little lonely, help to register their attendance, assist with transport to the event; or to help promote the Café in the community. For more information please visit fremantle.wa.gov.au/togetheragaincafe

How can you help again in 2021?

1. If you would like to express an interest in being a part of Neighbour 2 Neighbour 2021 starting with the Together Again Café, in any capacity or for future projects that are planned, please email N2N@fremantle.wa.gov.au

2. Ask to join Volunteer Fremantle Facebook page for updates and volunteering opportunities in our local community.

While the situation continues to improve in WA, we know there are many people who still need a little support due to financial insecurity or isolation. The City has put together a number of resources that will be handy should government restrictions change and to help equip anyone willing and able to support.

Quick searches for a broad range of services:

Sometimes we need a helping hand and asking for support is hard. Here are some links that make the search a bit easier.

Coronavirus updates

Government of Western Australia - Department of Health website.

If you have any suggestions, please send to n2n@fremantle.wa.gov.au     

Stay at home resources during isolation

Community self-isolation tips - Adults
Community self-isolation tips - Youth
Community self-isolation tips - Kids


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