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About One Planet

What is One Planet Living?

One Planet Living is a vision for a sustainable world where people lead healthy, happy lives within their fair share of the earth's resources.

Created and overseen by not-for-profit organisation Bioregional, it is based on ten principles of sustainability that provide a holistic framework to plan, deliver and communicate sustainability for organisations, cities and developments. 

One Planet Living Principles 

Taken together, the ten One Planet Living principles cover all aspects of sustainability, and closely align with the Key Focus areas of the Strategic Community Plan:

One Planet Living Principles

One Planet and the City of Fremantle

The City of Fremantle’s Strategic Community Plan clearly shows the community’s passion for creating a sustainable world that values people and the environment.  For this reason, One Planet Living has been a part of the Fremantle sustainability story for 5 years, guiding the City’s progress towards minimising resource use and maximising happiness, for its own operations and in the community.

The Fremantle One Planet Strategy achieved national One Planet certification in 2014 and international certification in 2015. The City of Fremantle is recognised by Bioregional as a global leader in sustainability.


The One Planet Fremantle Strategy expired in June 2020. 

Since adoption of the Strategy, many achievements have been realised with a few highlights outlined below:

Health and Happiness

  • Annual hosting of ‘The Happiness Project’ with the Edith Cowan University design school
  • Expansion of the Life Long Learning program and library services
  • Launch and ongoing activation of the Esplanade Youth Plaza

Equity and Local Economy

  • Delivery of Economic Development Strategy
  • Establishment of indigenous trainee program
  • Maintenance of Fair Trade membership and purchasing
  • Culture and Community
  • Successful development of One Day event and national conversation
  • Development of the Walyalup Reconciliation Action Plan
  • State heritage registration of Fremantle’s West End
  • Conduct of numerous highly successful festivals and events

Land and Nature

  • Development and staged implementation of Greening Fremantle Strategy and Urban Forest Plan
  • Planting of an average of 1000 street trees per year
  • Establishment of Significant Tree Protection Register
  • Successful development and delivery of the Verge Gardens Program
  • Installation of new pocket parks to increase community access to open space
  • Introduction of Cat Local Law

Sustainable Water

  • Achieved Gold Waterwise status
  • Achieved Waterwise Aquatic Centre
  • Ongoing implementation of hydrozoning and reticulation upgrades in parks and reserves

Local and Sustainable Food

  • Local catering purchase policy
  • The City of Fremantle now has three thriving community gardens

Travel and Transport

  • Developed new Fremantle Bike Plan, and ongoing delivery of improved cycling infrastructure (including, most recently, on-road bike lanes on Ord Street)
  • CAT bus service maintained (temporary suspension of Red CAT 2020/21) supporting nearly 1million trips/year
  • Installation of four free-to-use 22kW EV changing stations in public parking station
  • Corporate fleet reduction and progressive transition to hybrid / electric, and electric scooters trialled
  • Electric garbage truck trial

Materials and Products

  • Establishment of Sustainable Events Policy
  • Trial and update of the footpath concrete mix standard specification to include recycled waste material (granulated blast furnace slag) to replace around 60% of the cement content
  • Recycled glass trialled in the asphalt for car parks. If successful, the standard specification will be updated.
  • All concrete demolition waste and clean fill stored, processed and reused in the construction of car parks and paths
  • Reduced City of Fremantle organisational paper use by over 60% since 2017

Zero Waste

  • Total waste collected in the City of Fremantle’s kerbside collection reduced by 8%
  • FOGO scheme introduced for single residential properties
  • Sustainable cafes program established and promoted

Zero Carbon Energy

  • Adoption and staged implementation of Corporate Energy Plan (towards 100% renewable energy by 2025)
  • Carbon Neutrality maintained
  • New administration building designed to be net 100% renewable electricity for the City of Fremantle components of the building. This will be achieved through natural ventilation, energy efficient equipment and a 240kW solar array.
  • Facilitation of RENeW Nexus shared battery and PV feed in trial at the Knutsford Street East Village development
  • Business Plan established for solar energy farm near Hollis Park in South Fremantle

One Planet Fremantle Framework 2020-2030

The One Planet Fremantle Framework 2020-2030 explains how One Planet Living continues to guide and be used as a lens through which to view and track the sustainability of the City’s operations and work with its community.

Action Plan 2020-2025

The Framework is supported by an Action Plan 2020-2025 which will guide and track the City’s progress.

Annual Reports

Each year, the City reports to Bioregional on progress towards meeting its targets for each of the One Planet Living principle areas. The report outlines our progress towards corporate and community targets for each principle area, detailing key projects and actions undertaken each year. The report undergoes a peer review process whereby Bioregional assess the City’s progress and suggest focus areas for the coming year.

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