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Act Belong Commit

Act Belong Commit

The City of Fremantle works in partnership with Mentally Healthy WA to promote the Act Belong Commit message, encouraging everyone to do things to look after their mental wellbeing. 

Mental health conditions are increasing around the world and are currently responsible for approximately one third of the total 'burden of disease', indicating the increasing importance of mental health promotion/prevention and early detection/intervention activities. This is why the Act Belong Commit campaign aims to increase individual resilience and build community cohesion to prevent the onset of mental health problems.

The campaign targets the general population and encourages everyone to do things to keep mentally healthy, just like we do things to stay physically healthy.

The positive mental health message is based around the ABC guidelines for positive mental health:


- Act

Keep mentally, physically and socially active.

- Belong

Maintain and create new social connections, become involved in local groups, attend community events.

- Commit

Take up a cause, volunteer, commit to something that brings meaning and purpose to your life.


The campaign works by promoting events and activities based in Fremantle as great ways for people to look after their mental health, from sporting activities, to volunteer opportunities and community events.  Check out the new Activity Finder to see what's happening in your area.

Visit the Act Belong Commit website for more information.

Community Kindness

There is no doubt a healthy community, is a connected community. Your local club, group or school has the opportunity to get involved in Mental Health Month, and help contribute to a positive movement in our City. 

The Mental Health Community Kindness Initiative encourages everyone to spread kindness. We have designed a Community Kindness Card to distribute throughout the Fremantle community and we invite you to get involved in sharing the message. 

The card explains the benefits of random acts of kindness and some simple ideas of how to do it. Those who receive a card through an act of kindness are encouraged to do a random act of kindness for someone else, pass the card on, and share your kind story.

Being kind or helping someone can:

  • reduce your stress levels
  • boost your mood
  • brighten someone's day
  • increase your life satisfaction 
  • encourage other to do the same 
  • create a positive community atmosphere 

Acts of kindness may include:                   

  • leaving a thoughtful note for someone
  • putting someone's trolley back for them
  • buying someone a cup of tea or coffee
  • saying hello to your neighbour

The City is offering local groups, school, services and clubs the opportunity to collect some cards and share them in their community in fun ways during October. If your club or group would like to be involved and receive some Community Kindness Cards, please email the City with your request. 

Please share your stories and acts of kindness with the City by tagging us in your Facebook and Instagram stories.

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