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Benefits of Physical Activity

Why stay Physically Active? 

In line with our ‘Strategic Community Plan’, Health and Happiness are one of seven strategic focus areas the city focuses on. To achieve Health and Happiness, engaging in physical activity is a positive behaviour. Physical activity has several benefits, including: 

  • Releases endorphins in your brain that help to improve your mood. 
  • Improves quality of sleep. 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Self-fulfillment of achieving physical challenges. 
  • Reduce the risk of health issues or illnesses. 
  • Motivates healthy behaviours in other disciplines such as diet and mental health. 
  • Improves your immune system.  
  • Promotes healthy habits.

The City provides a range of programs and facilities to encourage regular physical activity amongst residents and visitors to Fremantle. This includes facilities available at the; Fremantle Leisure Centre, Samson Recreational Centre the Fremantle Visitor Centre and local parks. In addition the City provides youth sport grants and organises regular events and festivals promoting outdoor experiences.

Fremantle Leisure Centre

The City’s Fremantle Leisure Centre provides affordable access to a gymnasium, and public swimming pool. The centre also offers affordable swimming lessons, personal training and group fitness classes (which include; zumba, pilates, yoga, cardio sculpt and much more). 

Samson Recreation Centre

Samson Recreation Centre provides a variety of affordable sports programs including; netball, badminton, yoga and tennis.

Parks and play spaces

The City Parks and Landscapes team aims to maintain parks and play spaces to a high standard to encourage community use. 

Over 55's

The Community Development team provides a range of free physical activity opportunities through its ‘Come and Try’ program for the Over 55’s, school holiday programs and other sport and recreation initiatives.

Sport grants

A range of youth sport grants are offered to local residents aged under 21 years to assist young people to participate in sport and recreation programs of their choosing.

Booyeembara Park

Booyeembara Park working group has been formed to ensure the park is maintained with care and can be utilised by the community.

Bike hire

The City’s Fremantle Visitor Centre offers free bike hire.


The City’s Festivals team and the community development team organise many outdoor events and festivals which promote outdoor activities.

Esplanade Youth Plaza

The Esplanade Youth Plaza creates an inner–city hub for young people and families to recreate, winning two awards specifically for enhancing physical activity and creating adventurous play spaces. The City Actively promotes this site with activities and events throughout the year, especially during school holidays; this further encouraging physical activity and community participation. The plaza also provides a location for future youth festivals and events. 

For more information visit the Disability access and inclusion page.

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