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Boo Park mountain bike trail

Mountain bike on bike jump

Mountain bike trails are coming to Booyembarra Park! 

The project will see the construction of two mountain bike trails, along with a pump track, landscaping, viewing areas and new parking.

The trails will be built along the undeveloped eastern edge of the park, and will make an important contribution to the rehabilitation and revegetation of that area.

By formalising the informal trails that already exist in Boo Park, this project will make it better and safer for riders and also provide increased habitat, forage and tree canopy cover for local wildlife.

Key features

The Booyeembara Park mountain bike trails will feature two downhill trails about 500m long, plus an access trail to get back up the hill.

The blue trail will be of moderate difficulty, with a plan to provide extra variety by splitting it into three separate lines with different obstacles halfway down before joining up again before the finish.

The Black trail will be for advanced riders, with larger and more challenging jumps and obstacles.

Both will be designed as ‘flow’ trails, which will enable riders to develop a rhythm, or flow, by maintaining momentum through sweeping turns, jumps and rolling terrain with minimal pedalling or braking.

Flow trails can be designed to be used by riders of different abilities, with beginners and less-skilled riders able to travel at slower speeds and roll over or bypass features and obstacles, and more advanced riders able to travel at higher speeds and ride over or jump features and obstacles.

A pump track is like a skate park for mountain bikes, where riders can practice and refine their bike handling skills.

The landscaping will include shelters, seating, bike parking, trees and shrubs, as well as integration with the adjacent six seasons garden, while lookout nodes will provide views at key sections of the trails.

Additional parking will be provided along Stevens Street to service both the mountain bike trails and Sullivan Hall across the road. Toilets and barbecue facilities are available at Sullivan Hall.


In August 2022 the construction of new mountain bike trails moved a step closer after Fremantle Council selected its preferred tenderer for the project.

Construction has began with completion expected by mid 2023. 





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