Destination Marketing

New governance and funding models

In April 2018 Council approved the new governance and funding model for Fremantle destination marketing.

The new funding model will utilise the City’s existing destination marketing budget and the City Centre Differential Rate for the purpose of destination marketing.

The new governance model will see the immediate establishment of a Destination Marketing Working Group (DMWG). The purpose of the group is to develop, for council’s consideration, a destination marketing plan that supports all businesses-to-customer industries in Fremantle including retail, hospitality, professional services and traditional tourism attractions.

The group will provide advice and / or recommendations to Council on:

  1. The overall strategic marketing approach, including different stages over next four years.
  2. The ‘brand values’ and ‘unique selling points’ of Fremantle within the context of global customer trends, disruptions to major industries such as retail, and the economic development aspirations of Fremantle.
  3. How to achieve ongoing business community engagement in marketing activities.
  4. Appointment of a marketing agency and / or marketing contractors, via a normal City procurement process, to deliver destination marketing services.
  5. Sponsorship of existing and new private events and grass roots business activation projects.

Terms of reference for the group outline the purpose, outcomes and KPIs, formation and role of the group.

Proposed timing

City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer, Mr Phil St John, will appoint the chairperson on Friday 11 May 2018. Based on advice from the chairperson, the CEO will appoint other members of the group by Friday 18 May 2018. Subject to these timeframes and availability of the group, City officers will present a briefing to the group on Friday 25 May 2018.

Mr Tom Griffiths, Manager Economic Development and Marketing, is available to answer any questions about the Destination Marketing Working Group and the nomination process.

T: 08 9432 9770

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Place marketing program in caretaker mode

The place marketing program will continue until at least the end of this financial year while the new destination marketing working group is appointed. City officers will present a briefing of current marketing activities to the group later in May. The group will advise which activities should continue during a caretaker period between July to September while the new four year marketing plan for Fremantle is developed.

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Promote your local events, restaurants, bars, galleries and shops through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

Tourism WA is looking to add more events, restaurants, bars, galleries and local shops to its website (and affiliated websites such as and the Experience WA app). Their goal is to change the perception of a holiday in WA by showcasing the diversity and density of events, places to eat, drink and shop to potential tourists.  If you run an event, own a bar, restaurant or café, gallery or shop and would like to be listed for FREE then contact the database team on 1300 369 125 or .

You can find more information on eligible product here however suggestions include antique shops, markets, art galleries, local handmade wares (including jewellery) and day spas. To learn more about how ATDW can benefit your business, visit Tourism WA’s corporate site.

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