Interactive map and statistics

Using historical data can be a very helpful tool in planning for the future, Fremantle data is readily available to the public via the links below.

Should you wish to discuss data forecasting for your business in further depth , contact the City of Fremantle economic development team using the contact details below.

Fremantle visitor tracker

To track trends in Fremantle visitor numbers, the City of Fremantle and key stakeholders have created an index to monitor changes in visitor numbers over time.

View the visitor tracker.

Fremantle demographics, economy and community profiles

Fremantle demographics provides businesses and residents with a wealth of information on the demographics of the City of Fremantle including: 

  • Community profile – an insight into who the residents of Fremantle are, where we are from and what we do
  • Economic profile – identifies the key aspects of our workforce local and industries both past and present
  • Community atlas – provides an interactive mapping source with a range of filters which may be customised for each user
  • Population forecast – provides a 25 year population forecast

These tools provide valuable historical data enabling businesses to plan for future changes in the City of Fremantle.

Fremantle online mapping – IntraMaps

IntraMaps is an easy-to-use geographic information system that retrieves information and displays it spatially and textually. It will only display information that is already in the public domain, including:

  • planning policies and schemes
  • aerial photographs
  • heritage information

All the information is available in just one click, or by using the search and zoom tools to find the information. IntraMaps allows the use of different modules to display different types of information. If you are searching for information relating to a particular property, you have the ability to search for an address and information will appear instantly. New information is continually added, making it easier for you to access up-to-date information.

Read more about IntraMaps on this website or open IntraMaps.

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