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Alfresco dining areas

Alfresco dining areas

An alfresco dining licence is required when a food business wishes to set up and conduct an alfresco area on council land. Should you wish to set-up and conduct an alfresco area within the City of Fremantle you must apply to environmental health services by completing an application to register an alfresco area and submitting the required information as noted on the application form.

Alfresco areas must be compliant with the City of Fremantle's Alfresco Dining Local Law 2014 (No. 2)

The annual fees for an alfresco dining licence varies dependent on location.

See below a map of the 3 alfresco zones: Zone 1 (inner CBD), zone 2 (outer CBD) and zone 3 (all other areas).

Outdoor eating area zones


Liquor licensing 

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Extended trading permit within an alfresco area

An extended trading permit may be granted to a food business who holds an existing liquor licence. In order to apply for an extended trading permit you must first contact the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor by phoning 08 9425 1888 or email Once you have made an application to racing, gaming and liquor the City of Fremantle will then by notified by the department, and will be asked to comment.


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