Temporary and mobile food businesses (trading at approved events or markets)

Temporary and mobile food businesses may operate throughout many local authorities/shires, however only require to be registered with one (where the business is based), and then may apply to other local government areas to operate. The City of Fremantle licences temporary food stalls that operate within the City of Fremantle & registers temporary food stalls that are based within the City of Fremantle. For more information on WA Food Regulation for Temporary and mobile food businesses please refer to the the Department of Health's website.  

Temporary and mobile food businesses licence holders wishing to trade at approved events or at a recognised market within the City of Fremantle (Fremantle Market's, Growers Green and South Beach Sunset Market) require approval from our Environmental Health Services team. All food traders must notify or register with the City of Fremantle by completing the temporary food business application form. Our temporary food business licence is valid for one year and licence holders may trade at multiple ongoing markets or events (provided the organisers consent has been obtained).

You may need to attach all relevant documentations such as proof of food safety knowledge and skills, an existing Certificate of Registration with another local council and a certificate of currency (public liability insurance) to avoid the delay in processing your application. For information on what you will require to operate your food stall please refer to the Food Safety standards. The minimum standards for the operation of a food stall, provides an example of what a food stall should look like and can be located on Page 5 of the application form. 

Please note that applicants wishing to trade from a market operating from a 'fixed set up' location including fixed stalls at the the Fremantle Markets and E-shed Markets must complete an application to register a new food business. Stalls operating at a market or event in a 'pop up' style are required to complete a temporary food stall application formIf you require further clarification on the application form your required to complete please contact the Environmental Health Services team. 

NOTE: Applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 working days prior to the event. Late application's will not be processed.


Fremantle Markets (Fixed) 
South Beach Sunset Market (trading in summer only)
Growers green

Useful documents

Food Safety standards
Minimum standards for the operation of a food stall
Department of Health's WA Food Regulation Document 
Application for a Temporary Food Business 
Application to register or notify a new Food Business

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