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Short stay accommodation


Short stay accommodation

The City of Fremantle’s Short Stay Accommodation Local Law 2008 requires that dwellings which provide accommodation for a maximum of six occupants for a minimum of 2 nights but no more than three consecutive months must be registered.

In June 2018 Council adopted a residential short stay accommodation differential rate as part of the annual budget adoption. This rate will be applied to properties which are granted approval to conduct a short stay accommodation.

For further information regarding this rate please contact the City's Rates Department or 9432 9999

Under what conditions, if any, is short-stay accommodation in the City of Fremantle permitted?

The City does have a local law governing short stay accommodation – the Short Stay Accommodation Local Law 2008 – which has been in operation since March 2009. 

The local law was introduced to ensure an appropriate standard of management of short stay accommodation in Fremantle, to minimise the risk of such accommodation causing nuisance to neighbours. Key features of the local law are:

  • A house made available for short stay accommodation (defined as accommodation for not more than 6 occupants for no more than 3 consecutive months) must be registered with the City of Fremantle. In the application for registration the operator of the accommodation must include the name and contact details for the manager of the accommodation who must be contactable 24/7, and must give an undertaking to respond to any contact regarding the accommodation within 12 hours.

  • The property being registered must have at least one on-site parking space (unless the registration is for accommodation for 4 or less occupants).

  • Bookings for any short stay accommodation must be for a minimum stay of 2 consecutive nights (this is intended to deter the booking of this type of accommodation for use as a one-night ‘party house’).

The issuing of registration certificates for short stay accommodation and investigation of any compliance/complaint issues relating to short stay accommodation is dealt with by the City’s Environmental Health and Compliance teams.

Someone who has a valid registration certificate from the City to operate a property as a short stay dwelling, and is complying with all the requirements of the local law, could register with Air B&B as a ‘host’ and accept bookings via Air B&B just like other online accommodation search and booking systems – but of course still has to comply with all the local law requirements including the minimum 2 consecutive nights stay rule. 

The City is supportive of well-managed short stay accommodation in Fremantle, as it provides an important service to tourists and other short-term visitors to the city who prefer to stay in this type of accommodation rather than hotel.

Does the City of Fremantle have a policy on whether residents are allowed to advertise rooms or granny flats on online platforms like Airbnb?

As long as dwellings comply with the local law they are able to be advertised as short stay accommodation.

To apply for a certificate of registration, you must submit:

  • the application form for short stay accommodation
  • a floor plan of the short stay dwelling
  • the fee as listed on the application form

If you are applying for a short stay accommodation in a detached building you will need to submit a copy of the Building Permit for the building. If you require a copy of your Building Permit you will need to complete a request for copies of building licence/permit plans application.

If your requirements differ (i.e. exceed the maximum of six occupants) from the conditions in the local law, a planning application must be submitted.

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