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(29/10/2018) Fremantle CCTV proves its worth

The arrest of a burglar caught red-handed breaking into a Fremantle café last month has demonstrated the value of the City of Fremantle’s CCTV network.

The incident occurred at 2:30am on Friday September 14, when a man forced his way into a café on Market Street.

The City of Fremantle’s CCTV operator observed the man suspiciously peering into shop windows and attempting to open doors along the street. The offender then broke into the café by kicking in a door.

The CCTV operator immediately called Fremantle Police, who were on the scene in moments and caught the offender while he was still inside.

Senior Sergeant Brad Warburton said the City of Fremantle’s real-time monitoring of CCTV was a valuable tool for local police.

“Having extra eyes on the streets means we can be alerted to situations much earlier and we can respond much quicker,” Sgt Warburton said.

 “The CCTV within the CBD has proven to be a strong deterrent against people who are tempted to break into a shop or commit a crime.

“In those cases where a crime is committed the CCTV can be invaluable to our investigations and when it comes to prosecuting someone in court the vision is important evidence.”  

The City of Fremantle currently has a network of 36 cameras covering key locations in the city centre, and is one of just three local governments in WA to actively monitor CCTV.

The network is set to be expanded following the adoption of a new CCTV strategy by Fremantle Council last month, with an additional 25 cameras to be installed using a $928,000 grant from the federal government’s Safer Communities program.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said community safety was an important priority for the City.

“Fremantle is a very safe and welcoming place but, like all major centres, we do have occasional issues with crime and anti-social behaviour,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The CCTV network is just one of the ways we’re working with local police to make sure people feel safe when they come to Fremantle and can enjoy all of the great attractions Fremantle has to offer.”