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City of Fremantle Containers for Change Refund Point

Woman sorting cans for Containers for Change

Easter Holiday hours:

Friday 7 April - closed

Saturday 8 April - 10am - 4pm

Sunday 9 April - closed

Monday 10 April - closed

Tuesday 11 April - 8am - 4.30pm

Wednesday 12 April - 8am - 4.30pm

Containers for Change 

Eligible containers can be dropped off at the City of Fremantle Containers for Change Refund Point or the bag drop at Fremantle Oval. 

Containers must be empty, without the lids. If you have a case of empty drinks containers, please bring the containers in their case, this will help our team to count your containers more quickly.

Separating your containers is welcome to speed up the counting process at the refund point however it is not necessary.

Fremantle Containers for Change Refund Point


The refund point is located at 83 Knutsford Street, Fremantle (the entrance is next to the operations centre entrance, on Knutsford Street).

Note: motorists coming from the north and east are now able to turn onto Montreal Street from High Street through the road construction of the High Street upgrade.

Opening hours

See above for Easter Hours.

  • Monday: 8am-4.30pm 
  • Tuesday: 8am-4.30pm
  • Wednesday: closed
  • Thursday: 8am-4.30pm 
  • Friday: 8am-4.30pm
  • Saturday:10am-4pm
  • Sunday: 12-4pm

Public Holidays - closed.


Look for the green and white Containers for Change signage and follow the line marking to either the bag drop-off or refund point.

If you are using the bag drop, print your label at the designated point and simply apply the sticker to your closed bag of eligible containers then drop it off at the bag drop area.


When dropping off eligible beverage containers, you have the choice of donating the funds to help the local community. Our causes of the month are:

Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund (C10414519)


Or, the Containers for Change website has a directory of good causes to support.

Bulk drop off

For transactions over 825 eligible containers, you will need to bring photo identification.

For transactions over 1,500 eligible containers, you will also need to provide a signed refund declaration (provided on arrival).

City of Fremantle Centre Bag Drop at Fremantle Oval


The bag drop is located at Fremantle Oval, 70 Parry Street Fremantle.


Labels with the user’s Member Number are available from the side of the bag drop container. 

Simply apply the sticker to your closed bag of eligible containers then drop it off at the bag drop area.

Mini Reverse Vending Machine

A new mini reverse vending machine was located at the front of the Fremantle Leisure Centre, 10 Shuffrey Street Fremantle.


The trial for the reverse vending machine has now ended. 

Customer Feedback

Help Containers for Change continue to provide great service, or send them some good vibes in this quick 5-question survey:



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