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City of Fremantle heritage list and areas


Heritage list 

The City of Fremantle's Local Planning Scheme 4 heritage list is comprised of around 2500 places, which council has assessed as being of cultural heritage significance and worthy of conservation. The objectives of the Heritage List are to facilitate the conservation of places of heritage value and ensure that development occurs with due regard to identified heritage values in the interest of the community. 

Important Note 

Some places on the heritage list are registered against a previous property address or as part of a larger site. Please check the City's mapping system to confirm current address details and heritage status, along with the above heritage list.

Heritage areas

Local Planning Scheme 4 (LPS4) also has 18 heritage areas. These are areas where special planning control is needed to conserve and enhance the cultural heritage significance and character of an area. Heritage Areas often include individually listed places, but even places not significant enough to go on the Heritage List in their own right can contribute to the significance of a heritage area.

Both heritage listed properties and heritage areas can be found on the City's maps under the heritage module. The Heritage List identifies each place by name and address only and does not include any other data. More information on heritage listed properties is contained within the Local Heritage Survey, or LHS (see below).

Development of a heritage-protected property

Places on the Heritage List or in a Heritage Area enjoy special protection under the planning scheme.  Heritage listings and areas do not prohibit any development of a place - it means that changes made should respect and be sympathetic to the heritage values of the place.  In most circumstances, development within these places requires planning approval so that the City's heritage staff can assess the impact of a proposal on the heritage significance of a particular place and ensure that this principle is met.  The assessment will consider:

  1. The objectives and provisions of the planning scheme.
  2. State Planning Policy 3.5 - Historic Heritage Conservation (SPP 3.5), which contains broad principles on historic heritage conservation and development control principles (clause 6.6).
  3. Any applicable local planning policies.
  4. The specific attributes and significance of the place.

Those places listed on the State Heritage Office of Western Australia's Register of Heritage Places will also be referred by the City to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage:  See other heritage listings for more information.

As part of the planning application process and prior to the approval of any proposal for the development of a heritage listed place, the City may prepare or require the applicant to prepare a heritage assessment in accordance with local planning policy 1.6 preparation of heritage assessments .

If you require additional information about heritage listings, contact the Service and Information centre on 1300 693 736 or email

Local Heritage Survey (LHS)

The Local Heritage Survey (LHS) (previously called the Municipal Heritage Inventory  or ‘MHI’) is an information database that records and provides information on heritage listed places and places of cultural heritage significance. Local governments are required to prepare and maintain a LHS to recognise the heritage importance of places to the local community under the Heritage Act 2018 .

The database records information only and does not have any legal implications for the development of land within the City of Fremantle:  protection and control only applies to those places which are also included on the Heritage List, in a Heritage Area or are otherwise assessed as warranting conservation. Information from the LHS database can be accessed online through the State Heritage Office's Inherit.

The cultural heritage significance of places on the LHS have been determined in accordance with the Heritage Act 2018. This assessment is made based on the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value of a place for individuals or groups as described in the Burra Charter 2013 or the HERCON Criteria adopted by the Heritage Council of Western Australia..

Each place listed on the LHS is assigned a management category based on its level of significance: 'Exceptional', 'Considerable' or 'Some' significance. A summary of each category is provided below.

Management category - Level 1a – Exceptional Significance – State Listed

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of exceptional cultural heritage significance in its own right within the context of Fremantle. This place is entered onto the State Heritage Office of Western Australia’s Register of Heritage Places. All development applications must be referred to the State Heritage Office for approval.

Management category - Level 1b – Exceptional Significance – Not State Listed

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of exceptional cultural heritage significance in its own right within the context of Fremantle and its conservation is required. It is recommended that this place be considered for entry in the Heritage Council of Western Australia's Register of Heritage Places.

Management category - Level 2 – Considerable Significance

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of considerable cultural heritage significance in its own right within the context of Fremantle and its conservation is a priority.

Management category - Level 3 – Some Significance

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of some cultural heritage significance for its contribution to the heritage of Fremantle in terms of its individual or collective aesthetic, historic, social or scientific significance, and/or its contribution to the streetscape, local area and Fremantle. Its contribution to the urban context should be maintained and enhanced.

Management category – Level 4 – Historic Record Only

The City of Fremantle has identified places on this place as being of interest for historical reasons and/or for structures that no longer exist.  These places are part of Fremantle's rich cultural heritage but are not included on the Heritage List.

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