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Commercial and event permits


Reserved bay parking permit

Reserved bay applications apply to regular and loading zone bays, and do not include no stopping/parking areas, bays designated for authorised officers or special class vehicles and bus zones. 

Reserved bay (with cones)

  • Please allow 1 business day for processing.
  • Up to 10 traffic cones (2 per bay) at no additional charge.
  • Cones can be placed between 8am and 10pm
  • Parking permits and reserved bays are only available for normal parking bays. Does not include Taxi Bays, Tour coach/bus bays or loading zones. Refer to the Parking Services Coordinator for more details.
  • Attach a map of the specific bays to be reserved.
  • $66.00 per bay per day

Permit only (without cones)

  • Permits can be issued for specific streets and car parks.
  • Does not guarantee availability of bays on the day.
  • Allows for time and paid parking exemption with permit displayed.
  • $26.10 per bay per day

Loading bay

  • Please allow 2 business day for approval
  • Permit allows a non-commercial vehicle to park in a loading zone
  • Time limits still apply
  • $13.10 per vehicle

Loading zone for service and commercial vehicles

  • Allows for service vehicles and commercial vehicles to park in loading zone.
  • Allows exemption from time restrictions.
  • $133 per vehicle per day

Complete the reserved parking online form or fill out one of the following forms and forward it to

Reserved bay (pdf)

Long-term parking permit

Cheaper long term parking options are located on the fringes of the city centre (Beach Street, Point Street, Ellen Street and Parry Street car parks). Use PayStay to manage your parking without the worry of the meter running out.

Long term parking permits can be obtained using a registered a PayStay account. For more information please visit our long term parking web page.

Licence plate recognition technology is used by our parking inspectors, which means you do not need to display a parking permit in your car.

Click on the fee schedule for further information on prices. 

Tradesperson permit

If you are a tradesperson working with a resident or business on a short or long-term contract in Fremantle you can apply for a reserved parking bay. The permit also exempts your vehicle from time and paid parking restrictions.

More information can be found on the reserved parking online form.

Events and weddings

Parking restricted car bays can be reserved for events. Contact customer service to arrange a hood hire. The permit issued should be clearly displayed inside the vehicle.

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