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Community grant recipients March 2021

Reclink Australia

Belonging Through Sport and Recreation  

This program not only create a safe space for the participants to exercise, but to help change their perspective by improving attitudes towards physical activity and social connection. This was achieved by the provision of uniforms and merchandise for our Fremantle sporting program participants to provide them with a sense of belonging.

Due to the isolation impacts of COVID 19, many people, particularly vulnerable groups, have become despondent and feeling alone. The programs provided opportunities for people to socially connect for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Project timeline: 28 July- 8 December 2021  Grant: $5000

Bluebird Mental Health

Post COVID-19 Restart Face-to-Face Mental Health Support Groups

BlueBird Mental Health’s mission is to build the confidence of individuals over 25 to manage anxiety and depression by providing access to professionally facilitated peer support networks, educational events and information resources.

This project aims to re-commence delivery of face-to-face group sessions in the Fremantle community for our attendees. Facilitator led face-to-face group meetings run fortnightly for two hours in duration in a venue that supports the ability for participants to share of their personal thoughts and feelings in a safe and secure environment. 

Project timeline: 7 July- 10 November 2021  Grant: $3500

Theatre Games Australia

Liberation Theatre Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing for Family and Domestic Violence 

This project is a participatory theatre project using embodied, playful games, storytelling and safe space to create performance for aboriginal women and women in Fremantle community who have lived experience of Family & Domestic Violence (FDV). This work honours lived FDV experience. This project uses Theatre for Living (TFL). TFL is not therapy, but it is therapeutic.

Project timeline: 13 May- 17 June 2021  Grant: $2500

Meerilinga Young Children's Service 

Women's Yarning Club

Yarning circles have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years to discuss issues in an inclusive and collaborative matter. It is important to be present, to have respectful interactions, to be open and honest, to listen deeply, acknowledge others and offer your own thoughts and feelings in turn. The Women's Yarning Club encouraged this sense of community through their project. Participants were encouraged to bring their young children as the Yarning club offered children's activities and an Aboriginal Creche Worker. These activities fostered accountability  and provided a safe place to be heard and to respond.

Project timeline: 28 April-15 December 2021  Grant: $3000

White Gum Valley Community Orchard

Orchard Accessibility and Places for Resting and Making 

The WGV Community Orchard has been creating a local community space over the last six years which is used daily by people walking, enjoying the orchard produce, or playing with children, as well as regular seasonal events to encourage people to connect, volunteer and participate around growing, harvesting and sharing of food from all cultures.  However,  they noted several gaps which are reducing access to all the community and reducing opportunities for people to rest and connect socially and with green space, to extend the value of the orchard as community space – even more important to support COVID19 recovery. 

The project focused on:

1.           Constructing the missing section of path from Samson Street entrance

2.           Installing timber seating benches

3.           Installing a washing trough

Project timeline: 1 June 2021- 31 March 2022  Grant: $3000

MyLocalMind Inc

FremantleMind Inc. Life Skills Groups

MyLocalMind Inc. Is a grassroots initiative focused on changing the way mental health is viewed and treated in a community setting. The project ran two of the Life Skills Groups each lasting a period of nine weeks with the aim of decreasing social isolation, enhancing self-esteem, and providing specific information and skills development around mental health. Topics covered during the nine weeks will include mental health, emotions, communication and conflict resolution, problem solving and goal setting, relationships and domestic violence. 

These believe these sessions will assist participants to better manage challenges in their lives, including but not limited to mental health issues, and levels of distress. The sessions will also encourage participants to develop support networks and connect with their community. 

Project timeline: 15 June- 21 August 2021  Grant: $2500

Valued Lives Microenterprise Project 

Colourful Cultures Runway and Marketplace

Colourful Cultures Runway & Marketplace was a Fremantle-based event working to amplify the diverse voices, capabilities and talents of people with disabilities. People with a disability are disproportionately isolated and face reduced access to community support, as a direct result of COVID-19. COVID-19 restrictions across 2020 and into 2021 have financially and socially impacted our Microenterprise owners. The cancellation of markets and other community events that our Microenterprise owners attended regularly and freely has limited their opportunity to make sales and perhaps more importantly, engage with their peers.

Ultimately, Colourful Cultures Runway and Marketplace celebrated and showcased the unique passions, skills, and capabilities of local people with disabilities, which we believe is sorely needed and would create overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

Project timeline: 18 September- 18 September 2021  Grant: $5000

Neighbourhood Connect 

Message in a Teacup- Pilot Project 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant impacts across all aspects of our community and led to many people feeling disconnected, stressed and unsure about the future. This project offers a simple non-threatening activity offering hope, kindness and inspiration to vulnerable people and others who live in our community as well as a positive boost to project participants. The project also includes a useful training opportunity from a mental health professional on how to offer mental health support to people in our neighbourhoods.

Project timeline: 1 July- 31 October 2021  Grant: $3000

Headspace Fremantle 

Florescence Project 

The Florescence program is about championing the mental health of our young people and creating a safe space where youth can feel free to express themselves creatively and connect meaningfully with other young people. There is a wealth of evidence that supports art therapy as a powerful tool for individual and community mental health and wellbeing. In 2019 the World Health Organisation published a report based on over 900 publications and 3000 studies that supported the benefits of arts in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

Project timeline: May 2021- February 2022  Grant: $3500


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