Arts & Community Grants

The March funding round has now closed. Applicants will receive feedback by Thursday 23 May 2019. 

Grants aim to provide financial assistance in support of activities contributing to the wellbeing, vibrancy, and cultural diversity of Fremantle. 

Our next round of funding opens September 2019. Please see grant category information and eligibility requirements below. 

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The process

Grant application submission period01/03/2019 to 28/03/2019
Receipt of grant application confirmedAutomatic with submission
Grant application outcome communicatedBy 23/05/2019
Signed Grant contract & finance details requested of successful applicantsSame as above
Provision of a purchase order number by grants officer 
Submission of invoice by successful applicants Must be received within 
Funds transferred to successful applicants Approximately 21 days following receipt of invoice
Project commencement dateFrom 23/05/2019
Project completion date By 23/05/2020
Acquittal of grant8 weeks from end of project and by 30/06/2020 at the latest.

How to prepare your application 

It is essential that you prepare before applying, as the application is done through an online portal and must be completed in one session.

We have prepared a project brief template and a budget template to help you. Please fill the templates before starting the online portal, or you risk losing all information you have already entered Click here to start preparing for your application.

Arts Grant or Community Grant?

If your project:

  • develops and strengthens Fremantle's unique and vibrant arts and cultural sector
  • engages and activates the City through the creation of original and quality arts and cultural experiences
  • supports artists or an organisation to extend artistic practices, build capacity and profile.

You should apply for an arts grant. Please read eligibility criteria below before starting your application.

If your project:

  • facilitates and promotes active participation of your community
  • focuses on the quality of the processes rather than of the outcomes
  • inspires and mobilises community to explore, grow and express their unique local culture.

You should apply for a community grant. Please read eligibility criteria below before starting your application.

Arts and Community Grants eligibility

The applicant/project will:

  • have submitted the application no less than 2 months from the project commencement date
  • be an Australian legal entity
  • demonstrate ability to meet some or all of the City of Fremantle Strategic Community Plan 2015–25 focus areas
  • have all appropriate insurances
  • have an outcome within the City of Fremantle local government area.
  • for a community grant: be an incorporated group or organisation. In the case of a group not being incorporated and/or not having an ABN, an auspicing body may assist with their application. The auspicing body should be an incorporated group responsible for the financial management of the funding
  • for an arts grant: individuals must have an ABN. Organisations must be incorporated or have an ABN or have an arrangement with an auspicing body responsible for financial management of the funding. 

In addition, the applicant/project may not be:

  • an Australian Federal or State Government Agency
  • a political or lobby groups
  • a private organisation and association operating a high level commercial venture
  • an applicant that has outstanding debts to the City of Fremantle
  • an applicant that has failed to provide satisfactory acquittal reporting for any previous City of Fremantle funding
  • an applicant that has already received City of Fremantle funding for a project within the same financial year
  • be a conference or convention
  • have the primary purpose of fundraising
  • a part of an accredited course of study
  • denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • require ongoing salary or wage payment to individuals, one off contractor/artistic fees are possible
  • cover capital purchases and maintenance, facility maintenance and improvements
  • be used to purchase alcohol.

Criteria for Community Grants

  1. The project/event aligns with our strategic community plan (20%).
  2. The application clearly communicates and outlines what it aims to achieve (30%).
  3. The project/event will increase programs and services available to meet priority community needs (20%).
  4. The project/event will increase the level of engagement with community, demonstrating consideration of access and inclusion (15%).
  5. The application has a clear budget, other funding sources, and is value for money (15%).

Applicants may apply for community grants of up to $10 000.

Click here to view previous successful Community grant recipients

Criteria for arts grants

New ideas (40%)

  • new practices, new ideas and fresh presentation
  • challenging
  • activates the city in interesting and engaging ways
  • uses new or under-utilised locations in the Fremantle CBD or suburbs
  • new collaborations.

Feasibility (40%)

  • a realistic and achievable budget
  • participating lead artists are cited in the application and their participation in the project is confirmed
  • ability to deliver the project within the timeline
  • venue costs are clear and a written quote is provided by the venue
  • appropriate partnerships or other funding sources
  • project is safe for artists and the public.

Benefits to the city and meets the strategic intent of the City (20%)

  • The outcome of the art project delivers a benefit to the Fremantle community and contributes positively to the image of the City.

Artists, art organisations and community agencies may apply for arts grants of up to $25 000. Note that sums of $3 000 to $10 000 are more commonly allocated.

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