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Arts grant recipients February 2018


Post Contemporary Institute of Modern Art (CIOMA) by Jessee Lee Johns. Exhibition held at PS Art Space. Photo by: Andre Avila.

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Project: Kaarla Kaatijin

The play Kaarla Kaatijin meaning ‘knowledge about fire’ in Nyoongar language, explores the importance of Kaarla (Fire) and unpacks what it means to be a strong, centred individual, learning about the world. Audiences will experience the stories How the Magpie and Crow Got Their Colour and Songs, and How We Made Fire, performed as part of the City of Fremantle NAIDOC Week Celebrations at Hilton PCYC on July 8th at 3pm.

Jessee Lee Johns

Project: CIOMA (Contemporary Institute of Modern Art)

CIOMA is a cultural institution, built inside PSAS (Pakenham Street Arts Space) and open from 21 May to 19 July, 2018. It will stage an exhibition to be curated by Gemma Weston, host a performance by Art in Process, and put on a concert by WA musician Jacob Diamond. Additionally CIOMA will operate a residency where the artist will live inside the work for the duration of the program.

Amy Perejuan-Capone

Project: This is How We Walk on the Moon

Open to the public between 14-29 July, 2018 in the Atrium at Old Customs House, Thursday – Sunday 11am-5pm, join artist, Amy Perejuan-Capone as she explores earnest human endeavour and hope amid uncertainty. An exhibition inspired by her recent travels and artist residency in the Arctic.

Circus WA

Project: Street of Life

In partnership with the National Hotel, this immersive performance will be presented on High Street as a part of the Fremantle Long Table Dinner. Held on November 29, 2018, Street of Life will entertain whilst also examining issues around homelessness and connection to place in a colourful outdoor spectacle.

MOMA (Museum of Moving Objects)

Project: Museum in My Pocket

Museum in My Pocket is a mobile museum and performance piece consisting of a Polaroid camera, whiteboard and a museum curator. Roaming the streets as part of Fremantle Heritage Festival 2018, the curator will examine, contemplate and document the contents of passer-by’s pockets, presenting the discoveries on the board for all to see.

Kelsey Ashe Giambazi (Curator)

Project: Dark Swan; Contemporary Tales of the Gothic Antipodes

This exhibition investigates Fremantle’s colonial history, architecture, characters and landscapes; exploring the ‘Australian Gothic’ aesthetic and investigating the romanticism of the Victorian age in which WA’s identity emerged. Exhibition opens September 7, 2018, open to the public until October 5 at PSAS (Pakenham Street Art Space).

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