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Arts grant recipients July 2017


Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund: Rachel Doller Exhibition Opening at Art of Freo, Unit 4 J Shed.

Organisation: Paper Bird

Project: Indigenous Australian Kids Story Festival

Description: The Indigenous Kids Story Festival is a free event scheduled for March/April 2018.  It will showcase a rich spectrum of indigenous stories through book displays, writer and illustrator presentations, exhibitions of artwork, oral storytelling, dance, song, and film.

Organisation: Imaginary Leaps

Project: Cloud Child

Description: Cloud Child is an interactive theatre performance for young children and their families. Employing a child-centred approach, it uses the elemental nature of clouds to stimulate the imagination and emotional development of young children. Cloud Child is a highly visual, non-verbal show about belonging and love. It has shown in Iran, Europe and the UK, now returning home to tour the early learning facilities of Fremantle.

Organisation: Ross Vegas

Project: Ageless

Description: Ageless will be a theatrical performance, featuring the talents of the Sliders Youth Circus, Starlight Hotel Community Choir, and the Perth Discovery Singers. It will bring together a diverse cast with ages ranging from 15 to 95 of varying social and economic backgrounds to combine the power of over sixty voices plus accompanying aerial acts and acrobats.  

Organisation: Art of Freo

Project: Emerging Artist Support Fund

Description: The Emerging Artist Support Fund will offer financial and administrative support for local emerging artists wishing to produce their first solo exhibition. The grants will be available for eligible artists, covering essential exhibition costs and providing them with a strong understanding of the process, associated costs and relevant skills to exhibit independently in the future. 

Organisation: Fenians, Fremantle and Freedom Inc

Project: Fenians, Fremantle and Freedom Festival

Description: The 10 day Irish cultural festival celebrates the arrival of the last convict ship to arrive in Australia (in Fremantle) 150 years ago. The festival will inspire and mobilise many diverse communities such as the descendants, the Irish community, students at Notre Dame, local musicians, dancers, visual artists and film makers through a series of curated events exploring heritage and culture.

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