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Arts grant recipients March 2019


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and the Western Australian Museum: Tom Vickers and the Extraordinary Adventure of his Missing Sock. Image: Jess Wyld

Leah Vlatko

Project: Doggo Fashion Show

A unique fashion show celebrating dogs, local artists and Fremantle. ‘Out of space’ themed dog coats were paraded by our canine friends and then auctioned off. All money from the garments sold was given to their makers and profit from entry fees went to a local dog shelter.

Held: 25 May 2019

Georgia Kennedy: WAM (West Australian Music)

Project: Song of the Year

WAM Song of the Year is an annual, original song writing competition, promoting the talents of songwriters residing in Western Australia. The event was held at Freo.Social and embraced contemporary music of all genres, including school age, indigenous and regional categories.

Held: 26 June 2019

Teresa Izzard: Feet First Collective

Project: S-27

A dystopia theatre piece which asks how far you would go and who you would betray to save yourself? The story follows May, a photographer who must document dissenters who have rebelled against an authoritarian regime. This WA premiere featured in 10 Nights in Port and was presented at the Fremantle Art Centre.

Held: 12–21 July 2019

Melissa Cantwell

Project: The Elders Projects

This storytelling encounter featured a diverse cast of Fremantle seniors, delivered through multiple art forms. The Elders Project opens up a broad range of perspectives on our shared histories and deepens our relationship with the past. Delivered by a team of artists including Nathan Beard and Nalda Searles, the exhibition and performances were presented at Beach Street Gallery as part of 10 Nights in Port.

Held: 13–21 July 2019

Rachel Riggs

Project: Round and Round – Early Years Children’s Theatre Tour

A highly visual, non-verbal and interactive production with development based on research of young children and creative play. Round and Round is designed for children under 5 years of age and will be presented to six childcare centres in Fremantle plus SHAC CoLab 1, a new community venue in White Gum Valley.

Proposed date: 4 November – 1 Dec 2019

Alex Desebrock

Project: What does my street need to hear?

Working with 15 households from one Fremantle suburb, Desebrock will work with neighbours to create and hang 15 banners, culminating in a suburban, walking gallery. The project will amplify citizen voices and connect community as locals consider ‘what does my street need to hear?’

Proposed date: 1 October – 8 December 2019


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