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Dinghy storage


The administration of dinghy storage in the Swan Canning Riverpark is the responsibility of the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

While the informal storage of private dinghies on foreshore areas is a common practice it should be noted that there are no general rights to store dinghies on public lands.

The former Swan River Trust Swan and Canning Rivers Management Regulations states that a person must not leave a vessel unattended for 8 hours or more above the high water mark, unless the vessel is stored in a facility approved for that purpose. 

Dinghy management storage system

The City of Fremantle has recently installed a dinghy storage system on the foreshore reserve at Johannah Street, North Fremantle, allowing dinghy owners to lawfully store their dinghies at this location. This system was developed in response to the DPaW Corporate Policy Statement No. 45 which supports the development of dinghy storage facilities where:

  • there are limited opportunities to provide launching facilities
  • they are not the predominant use on the foreshore
  • they do not unacceptably restrict public access, have unmanageable ecological impacts or unreasonably affect the amenity of an area.

The storage facility consists of 48 individual storage bays. The design of the system is based on the results of community consultation undertaken in 2011 which identified the bollard & chain system as the preferred option for the management of dinghies on the North Fremantle foreshore.

Storage bays are available by application and the payment of an annual fee to balance the costs of implementing, administering and maintaining the system and infrastructure. Preference will be given to licensed mooring holders in the North Fremantle Mooring Zone, followed by City of Fremantle residents, and then other members of the community and a waitlist will be maintained.

The City will undertake ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the facility area to ensure that the potential increase in pedestrian traffic and activity at the location does not adversely impact the foreshore area.

City's North Fremantle Dinghy Management Storage System Rules of Use.

Apply for, renew a storage bay permit or update your details.

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