Fremantle History Centre collection

These are only some of the resources that the Fremantle History Centre has in the collection - please contact us to find out more. 

Property files

Property Files may contain photographs, rate searches, maps and additional information on properties in the City of Fremantle and the Town of East Fremantle. They can be useful to plot out the history of a house or building.

Rate books

On microfilm, you can search rate books that cover the general City of Fremantle area from 1880 to 1982. North Fremantle has separate rate books on microfilm for the period 1921 to 1935. Hint: search these by lot number!

Biographical files

Histories of Fremantle’s founding and most famous families can be found here. These files can include genealogies, public notices, newspaper clippings, and other forms of information. There are hundreds of names to be discovered.


We store hardcopies of the most recent editions of local newspapers and there are microfilmed copies of old newspapers with an index to help you find them. Gradually, more editions are being digitised and are going to be available online on Trove, the National Library of Australia’s online newspaper archive.

Fremantle Council minutes and agendas

January 1856 to May 1920 are on microfilm; 1920 to 1962 are stored at the State Records Office in Perth; January 1963 to march 1985 are located in our Archive Room; April 1985 to 2000 are in Council Archives; and 2000 to the present are stored at the Fremantle History Centre.

East Fremantle Council minutes and agendas

1897 to 1927 are on microfilm; 1928 to 1976 are in our Archive Room; and 2000 to the present are stored at the Fremantle History Centre.

Maps and plans

Our map collection ranges from 1829 to the present. Maps show the development of properties and streets throughout Fremantle’s history. We also hold some building and architectural plans.


We welcome the donation of material to the collection. If you have something that relates to Fremantle’s history or people please bring it in and we will assess its suitability.


Contact us

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