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Terms and conditions

Term dates

Lessons are offered during school terms, however dates may vary slightly.  Click the following link to see the current or future swim school term dates.

Public holidays

Lessons are not held on public holidays or Easter Saturday and Sunday. Direct debit payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Discount for online bookings

A 5% discount is offered for all online bookings and will be deducted automatically when you enrol online. The full price will be charged for booking at the centre.

Direct debit online bookings

The Learn to Swim Under 5, Over 5 and Dolphins programs are ongoing and require signing up for fortnightly direct debit payments. Ongoing means lessons will continue, breaking for school holidays, until you cancel out of the program. This eliminates the need to re-enrol each term. Payments for lessons are debited two weeks in advance from a nominated credit card or bank account. When a student achieves the required skills they can move up a level at any time during the term. You may cancel lessons at any time, however you must give three days notice prior to the next direct debit date. Agreeing to our terms and conditions on enrolling gives the City of Fremantle the authority to direct debit your nominated account. You must complete a cancellation form, online or at the centre, to cease payments.

Up-front term bookings

Aquababies, Youthswim, Teenswim, Junior Lifeguard and Adults are programs that run for a term and require an upfront payment. If enrolling after the term has commenced you will be charged pro rata for the lessons you attend.  Enrolments into the Aquababy program after the fourth week of terms 1 and 4 are not accepted to ensure minimal disruption to classes. Enrolments into the Aquababy program during terms 2 and 3 are open for the duration of the program.  Credits and refunds will only be given if a medical certificate is supplied.  Refunds incur a $15.50 administration fee.

Free swim entry for Learn to Swim students in Under 5 and Over 5 Program (excludes Squads) 

Children currently enrolled in the Learn to Swim direct debit program can swim for free all year around upon presentation of their valid swim school card (exclusions apply for Squad swimmers and Department of Education programs – Vacswim and Interm lessons).  The parent or responsible adult attending with the child on the day of the lesson receives free entry into the centre and may accompany the child in the pool before or after the lesson at no additional charge. Immediate family members can enter the centre as spectators free of charge on the actual day of the lesson.
At all other times, parents/responsible adults are required to pay the relevant entry fee. Children under the age of 5 years must wear a Watch Around Water wrist band.


Cancellation forms are available at the centre or online.

Direct debit programs: All cancellation forms must be received at least three days before the next debit date. Dates are available on our website. There is no charge for direct debit cancellations. No credits will be given for paid direct debit classes.

Up front term programs: A credit or refund is given when a medical certificate is supplied. This will not incur a fee. All other cancellations incur a $25.00 fee and a credit will be put on our system to be used when re-enrolling. An extra $15.50 fee will be charged for refunds. 

Cancellation forms will only be accepted and processed 2 weeks in advance or 3 days prior to next direct debit date. Direct debit dates are on our website.

All medical certificates must be submitted at the end of the period specified by the medical practitioner to be credited or refunded.  If a medical certificate is provided in advance for a period of six weeks or more, management has the option to fill the position and cannot guarantee that same position will be available on return.

Non-attendance and repeat direct debit rejections

Should a student not attend their lessons for four weeks we will contact you by email using your current details. If we do not receive a reply to hold on to your booking, we will cancel the lesson.  Non attendances are checked in week 4 and week 8.

When a direct debit has been rejected three times then the swim school administration will cancel the lesson and the amount owing must be paid before re-enrolling.  

Changes to bookings

A swim school assessment, prior to enrolment is required to properly assess your child's skills, (beginner levels in the Learn to Swim programs exempted). A student found enrolled in an inappropriate level will be moved to a class better suited to their abilities. If you need to change the date or time of a lesson please see the Customer Service Officers at the centre's reception.

Credits and refunds for missed lessons

A medical certificate must be provided to receive a credit or refund for a missed lesson. We do not offer make-up lessons. Refunds incur a $15.50 administration fee. An administration fee does not apply to credits. Requests for refunds for medical purposes must be received within 30 days of the date of the certificate. Credits will expire two years from date of issue.  A refund can be requested prior to expiry.  Credits are non transferable between accounts.

Progressing to the next level

When students achieve the required skills for their level they will be allowed to move to the next level. To do this, see the Customer Service Officers at the centre reception to find a day and time that suits. You are unable to change/move to a new class online. If you book into an extra class online, you will be charged for this booking. A report of skills achieved will be sent to your email address.

Teacher changes

Swim instructors may change at any time without notification.

Swim school entry card

Once enrolled, an entry card and parking permit for carpark 14 will be issued. Your entry card will be required to enter the facility for each lesson. This card will be valid for the student for whenever they are enrolled in swimming lessons and can be used again when returning to lessons. A fee will be charged for a replacement card.

Parental supervision

A parent or guardian is required to stay within the centre for the duration of their child's lessons and must be present at their child's lesson. Children under the age of 5 who swim before and/or after their lessons must be accompanied in the water and remain within reach at all times by a person over the age of 18. Parents or guardians in an Aquababy class must not leave children under 5 years of age unaccompanied on the pool deck.

Communicable diseases

A person suffering from any skin infection or other communicable disease will be excluded from lessons for the safety and well-being of other participants and teachers. Examples include: Chickenpox; Cold Sores; Conjunctivitis; Diarrhoea and/or Vomiting; German Measles; Molluscrum contagiosum; Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease; Head Lice; Measles; Mumps; Plantar Warts; School Sores; Slapped Cheek Syndrome; Tinea/Ringworm; Whooping Cough.

Baby swimwear

The health act states that all children that usually wear a nappy are required to wear some form of aqua nappy if swimming in a public facility. Swim nappies must have elasticised legs and waist. Please ensure that your children are suitably attired if they fall into this category for the comfort and safety of all patrons. 


You may enrol directly into the program online if your child is in the following category:





Four months to three years


Under 5's

Three to five years

Beginner levels–Jellyfish or Goldfish only

Over 5s

Five years and over

Beginner levers–Bluebottles or Minnows only

Special needs

All ages

One on one private lesson


All ages

One on one private lessons or adult stroke correction classes


If your child does not fit into the above categories you will need to arrange a free swim assessment. Please call 08 9432 9527 or email swimschool@fremantle.wa.gov.au to make a booking.

Our swim school levels do not equate to the Department of Education, Royal Life Saving or other swim schools levels.

Direct Debit payments

Direct debit customers are able to withdraw and join classes at any time throughout the year. When cancelling you are required to give three days notice before the next scheduled direct debit payment by completing a swim school direct debit cancellation form. Credits issued by swim school will be applied to your swim school account. The credit amount will be deducted from the next direct debit payment.

You are unable to receive a credit or refund unless a medical certificate is provided. Refunds will incur a $15.50 administration fee.

A rejection fee of $10 will be charged to accounts with insufficient funds.

Online enrolment

All programs can be booked online. The 5% discount for doing so will automatically be deducted. Please click here to enrol online now.


SwimDesk provides the opportunity for parents to track their child’s swimming lesson progress in a frequent and personalised communication. It allows for greater communication and better feedback regarding your children’s progression.


The SwimDesk Portal will give you access to:

Track and monitor your child’s progression

Understand the requirements to progress to the next level

Receive feedback from the swim school staff following assessments

Access to SwimDesk is included for all swimming lesson participants in our Under 5’s and Over 5’s Learn to Swim programs.

To get started with using SwimDesk, send an email to swimschool@fremantle.wa.gov.au or phone us on 08 9432 9527.


Parents can log in by clicking the link below:




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