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About the Learn to Swim Under 5s program

These classes are conducted in our program pool for children aged three to five. This area simulates a backyard pool and is an ideal environment for learning.

There are five levels which include the progressions of formal strokes, safety skills including climbing out of the pool, resurfacing and floating. When ready to move to the Over 5's program your child will be moved to the equivalent level in that program. 

All lessons are 30 minutes in duration and there are a maximum of four children in each level.

Please note: children are not permitted to enter the designated swim school areas prior to the teacher arriving to start the lesson. While in the centre, children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult in and around water. A parent or guardian must also be present during their child's lesson.

Beginner levels

Beginner level enrolments can be booked online without an assessment. These are:  

Jellyfish–beginner level

This level is for those children who are not confident in water. The aim of this level is to teach confidence in deep water including basic water safety skills. We suggest parents bring their bathers, as they may be required to assist their child in the water.

Goldfish–confident beginner

The aim of this level is to achieve a horizontal body position for the front swim with a splashy kick and pulling arms, as well as an independent back and front float for 3-5 seconds. The continuation of survival skills from the aqua baby program is also a feature of this level.


If you believe your child should be in a level higher than a beginner level, please book a free assessment before enrolling. To do this email swimschool@fremantle.wa.gov.au or call 08 9432 9999.

Ready to enrol

Once you know which level to place your child, you are able to enrol into the Under 5's program on a perpetual (direct debit) basis.  You will retain your position in the program until you choose to withdraw and cancel your direct debit by completing a cancellation form online or at the centre.  Firstly, you must read the swim school terms, conditions and enrolment information and then click here to enrol online.

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