The aim of our squad program is for swimmers to develop fitness and competition skills and to learn new and advanced techniques to improve their own individual performance levels while working in a team environment.

Prior to entering squads, swimmers must be assessed by a squad coach. Please contact Swim School on 9432 9527 for squad assessments.

Starting out in squads 

Swimmers without any squad experience will start in Formula One regardless of age and will be moved to the appropriate squad group when ready. Here swimmers will be introduced to competitive techniques across all four strokes, individual medley (IM),starts and turns. Focus us placed on building the engine for further swimmer development.

Competitive stream   

The aim of our competitive squad program is for swimmers to develop fitness and competition skills. Techniques to improve individual performances are introduced with focus on creating a string team culture. The techniques introduced in each squad are vital component of training and are maintained and developed as swimmers progress through the program. Swimmers in the competitive stream are encouraged to participate in club days,dual club meets and Swimming WA qualifying meets.

Lifestyle stream

Lifestyle squad is open to those who are not interested in competing. Emphasis is placed on supporting athletes, regardless of their aquatic pursuits. The aim of these swimmers is to maintain fitness levels through the use of skills, drills, building aerobic capacity and pace work. It is expected that swimmers have a sound foundation of swimming ability prior to entering the fitness pathway. promotion to the next squad will occur at the end of each season, provided swimmers meet the selected entry criteria.

See full terms and conditions here.


Fremantle Port Swimming Club

Please visit  Fremantle Port Swimming Club if you interested in joining your local swimming club.


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