Fre-O-Fit Program

Meet new people and explore neighbourhood parks all while getting fit for free!

Couple stretching in a park

Getting outdoors and being active has never been easier thanks to Fre-O-Fit. Sign up now to take part in the free 10 week program consisting of the following classes:

Park Fit - A circuit based class with a variety of body weight and cardio exercises to work the whole body. Designed for all fitness and skill levels.

Urban Fit - A low impact circuit class using body weight and the built environment to get the body moving. Perfect for those starting out or those that need a little time out in the City.

Mind Fit -  Chillout and stretch out with this yoga and mindfulness fusion class.

Family Fit - Alternating weeks of Park Fit and Mind Fit suitable for the whole family. Please note that children under 16yrs require adult supervision at all times

Each session is run by a fully qualified trainer and is and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Places are limited to so be quick to register.

Spring Season 2019: 7 October to 14 December 2019

To book head to What's On and search for your preferred class.


Once registered please complete the Fre-O-Fit Pre-Exercise Questionnaire