Fre-O-Fit Program

Meet new people and explore neighbourhood parks all while getting fit for free!

Curious about Fre-O-Fit? Suitable for all levels so come and join me



Fre-O-Fit is a free six week outdoor group exercise program which will improve your health and fitness while having fun in a supportive community setting. Each session will be run by a fully qualified trainer and is suitable for all ages and abilities, so whether you can run a marathon or can't remember the last time you reached your toes come along and get involved. 

Fre-O-Fit will run for two seasons:

  • Season 1 - October - December 2018
  • Season 2 - January - March 2019

Each season will consist of 1 session per week at three different locations and will include a variety of cardio, strengthening and stretching exercises.

Check back soon for the starting dates and locations.