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Urban Art

Urban art is not graffiti

The City of Fremantle regularly run youth urban art programs, in collaborations with local schools. Canvasses can include bus stops, buildings, sea containers and ping pong tables.These projects provide young people the opportunity to influence and design their community space while contributing high quality public art to the City.

Recent programs

North Fremantle Purple Poppy ANZAC Tribute Bus Stop

During 2020, the City of Fremantle worked in conjunction with young people from Fremantle Fast Track, part of North Lake Senior Campus,  to develop a tribute themed bus stop design.  The location of this bus stop is on Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle close to the North Fremantle War Memorial.  This design pays homage to the animals that were lost in the great wars, signified by purple poppies.   Legacy and Bicton Palmyra member Rob Fittock came to present key historical elements from the North Fremantle contingent to the students.  These are some of the stories that are woven into the design.   This project was facilitated by local artist Blake Poole. 

Project Backboard

Project Backboard is a US based project that uses art to splash colour all over basketball courts. Many areas have small outdoor basketball courts that would be more attractive with a brighter outlook in the neighbourhood.  Recently during the summer holidays of 2019 young people attending painted up five neighbourhood basketball courts. 

Have you seen these around?  The two in the middle will be part of the redevelopment of Grigg Park in Hilton.  The two on the outside will be located at Dick Lawrence Oval in Beaconsfield. The final one is a nature styled design in Fredrick Samson Reserve.   The City of Fremantle has also been working with Basketball WA to run events like 3 on 3 competitions on these neighbourhood parks.  

Caption: South Terrace, Fremantle Hospital.


Caption: High Street, Fremantle, near Monument Memorial Hill.

Caption: Fremantle Leisure Centre, April 2012, painted by local young people as a holiday program.

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