Fremantle Youth Network

The members of the new Fremantle Youth Network

The City of Fremantle is committed to listening and reflecting on the feedback of young people. This will be achieved with the new  Fremantle Youth Network (FYN). 

See the introductory media release about the network here.  The Declaration of Climate and Biodiversity Emergency here.

Young people with a connection to Fremantle were encouraged to apply. The purpose of the network is to connect Fremantle young people, youth agencies and schools whilst also fostering communication between young people and the City when it comes to advocating for youth needs and concerns. 

The FYN will meet monthly and to start with,  a planning day was held recently in the April holiday break.   This day considered and then shortlisted the:

  • top priority concerns of the network
  • top key dates/weeks of the year to campaign or support
  • key interest areas
  • training or upskilling needs 

At the recent EYP Festival 5.0 the FYN conducted a survey of young people attending the event: mental health and climate inaction are the two highest concerns of young people surveyed. This correlates with the 2018 Mission Australia Youth Survey where mental health was the leading issue of young people in every state. The Mission Australia survey for 15-19 year olds is open till 31 July.  This year the City of Fremantle has set up a code for this region.  If you live in the City of Fremantle this will generate more accurate data of the concerns for our local young people.     

To complete the survey click here Where it asks for a code, enter: 85504

The FYN have started to communicate with local schools and youth services through introduction letters. They have also sought to highlight their concerns on climate emergency to the City of Fremantle.

  City of Fremantle Code 85504 for Mission Australia youth survey 2019

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