Youth culture and arts

Youth culture in Fremantle



Parkour is a physical discipline in which one trains to become efficient in their movement In order to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). This can involve running, jumping, climbing, balancing and more.

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We love skateboarding here at the City of Fremantle. Skateboarding is a great way for young people to get outdoors, meet people and learn new skills.

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Urban art is not graffiti

The City of Fremantle regularly run youth urban art programs, in collaborations with local schools. Canvasses can include bus stops, buildings, sea containers and ping pong tables.

These projects provide young people the opportunity to influence and design their community space while contributing high quality public art to the City. 

Caption: South Terrace, Fremantle Hospital

Caption: High Street, Fremantle, near Monument Memorial Hill

Caption: EYP, Dismantle sea container project painted by Fremantle Fast Track

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