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Compostable liners and caddy



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Supply of caddy of caddy liners

A free roll of caddy liners is supplied with all new FOGO services. 

Residents are eligible to replenish two free caddy liners per residence, in the financial year. Unused allocations can not be rolled over into the next financial year. Only one roll can be claimed at a time. Additional liners are $6 (valid through 23/24).

Where to get your caddy liners

To save paper and for convenience, the City no longer issues voucher letters. To simply claim your free annual roll of caddy liners, take a photo ID to one of the below City facilities:

Our staff will mark the allocation on the software. If your current photo ID does not contain your address, please bring a second form of ID (i.e.: utility bill or rates notice) to verify residency.

Types of caddy liners and alternatives

The compostable caddy liners supplied with the three-bin FOGO caddy are certified compostable under Australian Standard 4736 (commercial) and 5810 (home) and break down quickly in current FOGO processing conditions.


  1. Use no liner – place food waste directly into your caddy before transporting the contents to your FOGO bin. Caddies may need a rinse in between use.
  2. Use newspaper to line your caddy - find out how to do this with these instructions.
  3. Purchase a replacement roll of caddy liners for $6 from the Walyalup Civic Centre, Fremantle Recycling Centre or Fremantle Containers for Change refund point.
  4. Purchase 8L green compostable caddy liners from major supermarkets or Bunnings. You can also purchase them online from Compost-A-Pak, Biobag World, or Cardia Bioproducts. Ensure that the liners contain these logos:



Compostable imposters

Please do not use plastic bags as this will contaminate your FOGO bin. 

Also, some 'biodegradable' or 'degradable' marked products are made of a mixture of plant-based materials and plastic, which will contaminate the FOGO process. They break down into smaller plastic pieces but do not fully break down.

Storage of caddy liners

One liner should last around 2-3 days. Moisture and heat can cause the liners to break down faster.

Always store your liners in a dry, cool place and use a paper towel or newspaper at the bottom of the caddy to help absorb any liquids.

Caddy liners are designed to break down over time, so if you find them breaking down quicker, it may be time to replenish your caddy liners.

Pet waste bags

The caddy liners are intended for food waste and not for pet waste.

You can purchase compostable liners for pet poo from your local pet store or online from Compost-A-Pak, Biobag World, or Cardia Bioproducts. Alternatively, use a newspaper to wrap your pet waste in, or a scoop and place directly in your FOGO bin.

The green dog poo bags provided in City parks are certified compostable and can be placed in your FOGO bin. Please note that due to some supply chain issues, some of the City's dog waste bags are temporarily not compostable. Look for the compostable logo (above). Dog waste bags without the compostable logo should be placed in the street litter bins or your red lid landfill bin.

FOGO kitchen caddy

A caddy is provided free for new properties or new FOGO services. Lost or damaged caddies are $6.60 (valid through 23/24 financial year) each and can be obtained from: