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Connect with your local community


Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N) promotes the benefits of active participation in your community, encourages residents to connect with their neighbours and inform the local community on resources, programs and activities available.

Here are some great ways you can connect or become involved in your local community:

Neighbour Day: Sunday 27 March 2022

Since 2022, Neighbour Day has progressed from a reminder to connect with elderly neighbours to an annual celebration of strong communities and friendly streets.  People of all ages participate because everyone everywhere is a neighbour no matter where you live nor your personal circumstances.  

The City of Fremantle, together with Neighbour to Neighbour, would like to invite residents to celebrate Neighbour Day 2022 in their neighbourhood.

How? Come up with an idea to get your neighbours together, it can be a street party, long table dinner, picnic, game of cricket or a concert, it's up to you and your neighbours to decide. Once you have an idea, click here to check out how to apply for a Quick Response Grant and if successful, send out the invites!!

Neighbourhood Connect:  A national charity and not-for-profit community organisation, helping people connect with others who live near them. Go beyond social media and step out into your neighbourhoods and get to know one another in real life! 
They offer resources and inspiration on things to do with neighbours, like the Roaming Gnome - a street gnome that roams the neighbourhood, if it lands in your yard it is your turn to relocate him in your neighbourhood, get the kids involved too. 
For more information and inspiration from Neighbourhood Connect click here.

Precinct groups: are run by community members to offer opportunities for information sharing and engagement on local issues. There are eleven precinct groups recognised by the City of Fremantle:  To find out more about precinct groups, click here.

Town Team Movement:  The Town Team Movement enables local communities and governments to connect, organise and act to regenerate the fabric of their neighbourhoods and to create better places.  For more information on how to get involved click here.


More ways you can connect with your local community

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