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Conservation of privately-owned heritage buildings


Buildings constructed in Fremantle before the Second World War were generally built with traditional construction materials and methods. These buildings are often different to those of modern construction and therefore may require a different approach to repair and maintenance.

To assist building owners in Fremantle in caring for their heritage properties, the City of Fremantle has developed a series of technical advice sheets that have been tailored to our local conditions and our rich building history.

Technical advice sheets

  1. Introduction to good conservation practice
  2. Checklist for inspections
  3. Looking after limestone walls
  4. Limestone walls need lime mortars
  5. Dealing with dampness in old walls
  6. Repointing lime mortar joints

The Heritage Council also has a number of resources which provide guidance on developing and maintaining heritage places:

We encourage owners wanting to make changes to their heritage properties to contact the City as early as possible to discuss their proposals, and to confirm whether or not approvals are required, and how they might best go about achieving good heritage as well as personal outcomes.

Assessing development in heritage-protected places

Places included on the City of Fremantle Heritage List or within a Heritage Area have special protection and development controls. In most circumstances, development within these places requires planning approval so that the City's Heritage staff can assess the impact of a proposal on the heritage significance of the place. State Planning Policy 3.5 (particularly clause 6.6.) provided guidance on this assessment, and supplement the controls of the local planning scheme and policies.

For further information on heritage areas and lists - see City of Fremantle Heritage Listings and Areas.

Lotterywest grants

Lotterywest invites grants submissions from non-profit community groups or local governments. Grants are available for conservation plans, interpretation or conservation works on places or objects of significant heritage value especially where the works are part of a larger project that meets the objectives of their Community Investment Framework priority objective Connected Cultural Experiences. View the Lotterywest website for more information.

Heritage Council of Western Australia Grants

The Heritage Council of Western Australia Grants Program provides financial assistance to private owners of state registered places. Grants are available through an annual competitive application process to undertake a conservation plan or conservation works. The grants are administered by the Historic Heritage section of the Department of planning Lands and Heritage. 

A list of grants awarded in the 2020-21 period is available to view below, including many properties in the West End of Fremantle.


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