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Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame


The City of Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame was initiated in 1998 to  formally recognise and honour Fremantle's outstanding sports people as well as those who administer and volunteer in the sporting arena.

Inductees into the hall of fame receive official acknowledgement in the form of:

  • a letter from the Fremantle mayor 
  • their name on a public honour board in the City's administration building
  • their name etched into a paver which is laid in the public realm of Kings Square Fremantle.


To be eligible for the Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame a person must have achieved state, national or international representation and fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Outstanding sporting achievement at the highest level.
  • Outstanding contribution to Fremantle sport administration, coaching or in a voluntary capacity.
  • Involved in a Fremantle sporting club for a period of five years or longer.
  • Athlete must have retired from the highest level of competition for 5 years.* 

(*may be waived in exceptional circumstances)


Documentary evidence must be provided with the application as follows:
  • Written statements from governing bodies and associations confirming participation level and achievements.
  • Photos
  • Substantial background information is required outlining in detail and chronologically the series of achievements and contributions in the chosen sport or number of sports.
  •  Letters of support from club and community members (optional).
  • Past newspaper articles and media releases (optional).

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