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Executive Leadership Team

The City's Executive Leadership Team (ELT) consists:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director—City Business
  • Director—Creative Arts and Community
  • Director—Infrastructure
  • Director—Planning, Place and Urban Development

The role of the ELT is to provide strategic management to oversee the implementation of council decisions and to maintain operational excellence. Click on their name to read more information about their directorate:

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Responsible for:

Leadership and Governance: Support the City with legislative compliance and achieve accountability for organisational decision-making and behaviours. This is supported through civic services, meeting management and Elected Member coordination and support functions.

People and Culture: Enable and empower our...

Responsible for:

Economic & Commercial - Investment and Growth, Economic Development, Commercial Property and Leases, Commercial parking

Finance services - Financial Services, Payroll, Procurement

Information Technology - Business systems, Information Management


Responsible for:
Service and information:
 Customer service, Fremantle Library, Fremantle Visitor Centre, The Meeting Place.
Community development: Fremantle Leisure Centre, Fremantle Legal Centre, youth services, positive ageing, aboriginal engagement, community wellbeing, sport and recreation, access and inclusion, community grants,...

Responsible for:

City works: Waste management, mechanical services, construction engineering, maintenance, parks & landscapes

Infrastructure projects: Traffic and civil design, engineering projects, project management

City assets: leased buildings, facilities management

Responsible for:  

Strategic planning: town planning, heritage

Development approvals: statutory planning, land administration, building/surveying 

Strategic projects: sustainability, urban design, community engagement