Economic Development Strategy

With an investment pipeline exceeding $1.3 billion on the back of an award winning 2010-15 Economic Development Strategy, the City of Fremantle is set to capitalise on its positive development momentum to develop a new 2015-2020 direction for Fremantle with the City of Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20. The  strategy’s mission for Fremantle is:

“Fremantle's economy is robust, diverse and continually evolving. Local businesses are flourishing and high-quality property developments provide a strong return on investment for their investors and improve community wellbeing. Visitors to Fremantle are highly satisfied with an experience that is unique, authentic and unpredictable.”


To achieve that vision, the draft strategy has six desired outcomes:

  1. Primary Centre: By 2020 Fremantle achieves the status of a ‘Primary Centre’ as defined by Directions 2031 (or equivalent State Government document).
  2. More investment: Fremantle is welcoming to investment and is an attractive destination for high-quality property development.
  3. More people: A greater number of people to live in, work in and visit Fremantle.
  4. Certainty: The Fremantle business and investment community has certainty around the use and purpose of the City’s major property assets, and on the scope and timing of Council’s major activities that are intended to improve the quality of the urban environment and/or support an economic development outcome.
  5. Differentiated: A shared vision that clearly differentiates Fremantle’s offer is developed and delivered by stakeholders for Fremantle’s population-driven and knowledge-based economies.
  6. Informed: Key stakeholders have access to the support and information required to collaboratively act on major issues affecting business performance and industry development.

The implementation of the draft strategy is comprised of four program areas:

  1. Place Management, Activation and Urban Realm
  2. Customer Experience, Marketing and Business Improvement
  3. Development and Management of Council Properties
  4. Attraction of Business, Industry and Investment. 

Consultation and community engagement

Local businesses, industry stakeholders and the broader community are invited to comment on the draft strategy via an online feedback form or formal submission.

As part of the community engagement process, a range of key stakeholders including businesses, business group representatives, commercial property owners, state government organisations and private investors were consulted earlier this year to shape the current draft strategy.

Further community engagement for the 2015-2020 Economic Development Strategy aims to seek specific feedback on the strategy's six desired outcomes, four program areas and individual projects.

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