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Greening Fremantle: Strategy 2020

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The Green Plan 2020 was adopted by Council in December 2015 following close consultation with the Green Plan working group and community. It draws on extensive feedback gained from the working group, community workshop, community open air forum and online survey.

To clarify and simplify the relationship between the high level strategy Green Plan 2020 and the detailed Urban Forest Plan, the document has been renamed Greening Fremantle Strategy 2020. The objectives, projects and intent remain.

The strategy sets targets and objectives for five years to 2020 and recognises the importance of the city's green spaces to current and future generations. It is aligned closely with the City’s One Planet Strategy and Strategic Plan 2015–2025.

The plan sets goals to improve the City by:

  • aiming for every resident/worker  to be within walking distance (400m) of a public green space
  • applying nature play principles to new and existing Fremantle parks and their upgrades
  • working towards a target of 20% canopy cover for tree planting
  • developing strategy and policy to deliver a range of high quality landscaped environments capable of meeting the often competing needs placed on open spaces
  • improving habitat that supports biodiversity
  • ensuring water sensitive design
  • being responsive and adapting to climate change.

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Key Projects

Some of the projects identified in the plan include:

  • Investigation and identification for accessing public open space in the priority areas of Hilton, O’Connor, White Gum Valley, North Fremantle and Beaconsfield.  The investigation is complete with sites identified in these suburbs.  Engagement for the development of concept plans for Hilton and O’Connor is complete. O'Connor seating area on the corner of Hines Road and Forsyth Street is in place for local workers. Works for the construction of the Hilton Pocket Park in Clarke Street are scheduled for end of 2017. 
  • The Urban Forest Plan - a detailed plan building on baseline data from the 2020 Green Plan review. It includes analysis of thermal mapping, biophysical features, population/ demographics, street tree health/ location and tree canopy. Based on these factors, it provides a staged tree-planting plan for the city over ten years. The plan also provides cost estimates, preferred tree species (the right tree for the right space) and communication tools to help educate and promote tree management and planting on public and private land.
  • Water demand modelling to inform future fit for purpose water supply options will be also undertaken in 2017.  As part of this, grey water and alternative water supply feasibility options for watering open space has been completed.



In June 2014 council initiated a review of the City of Fremantle 2001 Green Plan and the formation of a Green Plan working group. The working group consisted of elected members, staff and community members with professional backgrounds in the delivery of parks, green spaces, nature play and environmental / biodiversity management. From November 2014 to December 2015 the group worked with the council and the community to develop a new strategy. 


  • June 2014 – council resolved to initiate a review of the green plan and form a working group
  • September 2014 – council appoints working group
  • March 2015 – green plan community forum held
  • July 2015 – council receives an update on the green plan strategy development and forum results report
  • August 2015 – further working group feedback
  • September 2015 – council approve public comment period
  • October/November 2015 – the draft 2020 green plan is open for community comment for 6 weeks until 13 November 2015
  • December 2015 - Adopted by council


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