Integrated Transport Strategy

The City of Fremantle’s Integrated Transport Strategy sets out Fremantle’s transition toward a connected city as outlined in Directions 2031, and is the overarching document between the City’s Strategic Plan 2010-2015 and a number of detailed action plans.

The strategy also takes into consideration the draft Public Transport Plan for Perth in 2031, State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity Centres for Perth and Peel, the Department of Transport’s TransPriority initiative and the Perth Freight Network Plan.

The strategy achieves this transition in the council context by:

  • relating the City’s position, policy and actions to state policy and plans and nominating alternatives where policies differ
  • nominating key directions for capital works, projects and advocacy
  • integrating land-use and transport planning to maximise value capture
  • nominating transit corridors destinations and activity nodes
  • integrating transit and preferred City routes into policy
  • promoting healthy commuting through provision of comprehensive walking and cycling infrastructure (active transport).

The strategy advocates for:

  • moving people by linking Fremantle to other higher order and growing activity centres with high capacity, high frequency public transport is a key element of the strategy
  • moving both port and local freight in such a way as to support economic development without compromising urban amenity and the environment. 

The strategy also gives policy directions on management and provision of car parking and promoting public transit and active transport within Fremantle’s CBD.

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