South Quay redevelopment

The opportunity

Progressive redevelopment of the 15.7ha southern part of Fremantle Port (South Quay), including the Fremantle Train Station forecourt, into a high quality integrated commercial/tourism precinct with better connections to the Fremantle city centre and Fremantle Passenger Terminal.

The benefits

  • Potential to attract private investment of up to $3.5b and provide 3,700+ new jobs.
  • A much improved entry statement for cruise ship passengers ~ A world-class first impression of WA.
  • A redeveloped railway station forecourt will provide a safer, more attractive and legible pedestrian access to and from the train station and Fremantle city centre.
  • Estimated $946m return for the state government over 20 years in net land sale values, stamp duties, land tax, payroll tax and GST returns - a cost neutral project.
  • Potential for a “bicentenary project’ at the approximate location of the establishment of the Swan River Colony in 1829.

The current situation

South Quay is currently used for low-value activities with a large area of prime real estate primarily used as a temporary car park for imported vehicles.

A lack of connection between the Fremantle Passenger Terminal and the Fremantle city centre results in confusion for passengers and a poor first impression of WA.