Council policies

Policies represent the values of council and while not binding, provide Elected Members and City staff with a framework to help guide decisions.

Policies are also useful in helping people understand the reasoning behind decisions.

Local Planning Policies and those relating to development can be viewed under the ‘Development’ tab or view planning policies here.

A-Z of important council policies

Acquisition and disposal of property
Alcohol management

Annual General Meeting of Electors / Special Meeting of Electors
Appointment of acting Chief Executive Officer
Asset management
Attendance at events and functions 
Budget Management Policy
Car share
Circuses on land owned or controlled by the City of Fremantle
City of Fremantle art collection
Community development funding
Community engagement policy
Community gardens
Competitive practice
Complaints management system
Consumption of liquor without a meal in outdoor eating areas
Coat of arms, logo and common seal
Council decision making during electoral period
Crossover policy
Designation of Senior Employees 
Diverse and affordable housing
Dog exercise and prohibited areas
Elected and committee members code of conduct
Elected member professional development 
Elected members allowances and reimbursements
Electoral activities and signage 
Event sponsorship
Execution of documents
Film friendly city
Financial reserve funds
Flying of Flags in Kings Square Policy
Fremantle heritage conservation grants
Fremantle suburban footpaths
Granting and exercising Freedom of Entry
Greywater reuse systems
Heritage places reserve
Internal groups
Investments property and other non current issues
Lease agreements for Council properties
Leasing of City property in a competitive manner
Library and information service
Liquor licensing act provisions
Loans to clubs and associations
Meeting procedures policy
Nuclear free Fremantle
Nyoongar Acknowledgement Policy
Parking infringement appeals
Payments to terminating employees
Precincts policy
Pyrotechnic management
Purchasing policy
Records management
Recordings and transcripts of council and standing committee meetings
Related Party Disclosures Policy
Reserve Tree Policy
Residential and multi-purpose parking permits
Risk management
Risk management plan approval for licensed premises under the Liquor Act
Sister cities
Sister cities grant funding
Strategic planning framework
Street art and graffiti removal
Subsidised rental
Sustainable events policy
Traffic calming priority
Traffic management - local area
Verge Garden Policy
Waste minimisation





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