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At the City of Fremantle we are driven by innovation, efficiency and planet stewardship and to that end we are committed to applying the One Planet Common International Targets and 10 sustainability principles throughout our organisation and our community.

We’re not focussed on single issues – but see sustainability as part of everything we do at the City.

When we work on our travel strategies we focus on reducing congestion and pollution; when we work on our assets management plan we focus on saving money and reducing carbon emissions through energy and water efficiency; when we work on our community development strategies we focus on fostering the development of sustainable small business and upskilling Champions in sustainability issues.

We believe in the ethos of ‘thinking globally and acting locally’, and so we keep an eye on how our actions here in the City impact on others outside of our direct sphere of influence, while working with our community to support them in their sustainability endeavours.

The beauty of sustainability as an overarching strategy is that its key underlying pillar is one of constant self improvement and evolution. We acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done and that we have set ourselves some tough targets, but in setting them we are making a collective commitment to strive towards excellence and best practice across all that we do.

This strategy outlines our overarching targets, which will drive the action plan. It will be reviewed on an annual basis, enabling us to move through the organisational and boundary changes to come, with the flexibility to incorporate new facilities, communities and environmental issues.

Innovation is not static, and as such we have built responsiveness into this document to enable us to move towards our ultimate goal – to be using our resources equitably and ethically – as a One Planet Council.

One Planet Strategy

The City of Fremantle’s One Planet Strategy sets out targets and trajectories for achieving a standard of sustainability that represents best practice and international leadership. The City of Fremantle is now certified as a One Planet Council, with international leadership status under Australian certification standards – and we intend to go for International Certification in 2015, which will profile us as a sustainable City on a world scale. It’s also a ripping read!

The City of Fremantle was certified as a ‘One Planet Council’ in 2014. It also achieved International Leadership status with One Planet Council accreditation in the same year. Additional to this the City has been awarded:

  • the Western Australian Environment Award 2009 for the Government Leading by Example category
  • Banksia Awards 2003 finalist for the Government Leading by Example for a Sustainable Future category
  • the Adult Learners Award for the Outstanding Environmental Care Program (for Living Smart) in 2003
  • the Western Australian Environment Award 2002 for the Government Leading by Example category.

Visit the One Planet section of this website for more information.

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