Council groups and advisory committees

A key role of council is to develop strategy and policy - community input is vital to this process. By adopting a project based system of advisory committees and working groups that focus on a key strategic issue, a number of key strategies or policies can be developed in partnership with the community. The City of Fremantle has established advisory and working groups to assist in this process. 

Advisory committee

Design advisory committee

In February 2010 the council established a design advisory committee (DAC) in accordance with City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme 4. The committee performs an advisory function only and does not make decisions on or approve applications.
The design advisory committee provides design advice to council on planning applications that involve:

  • any matter that relates to a planning policy relevant to the role of the committee
  • any building 11 metres or greater in height in any zone other than the residential or industrial zones as required by clause 78B(6)(b) of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4.
  • Any development proposed under clause 5.7 Special control area provisions for small infill development (Freo Alternative).

The design advisory committee also provides design advice on other major development proposals as required by council or the planning committee, and on any relevant local planning scheme amendment, structure plan or local planning policy proposals. Please refer to Local Planning Policy 1.9 – Design advisory committee and principles of design, which includes the terms of reference of the committee for further information.

The membership of the committee is drawn from a pool of members and is comprised of four to five persons at any one sitting, with a minimum of three required to deliberate on any matter. Members are highly regarded with appropriate qualifications and substantial experience in architecture and urban design.

The committee members are:

  • Mr Geoffrey London (Chair)
  • Mr Dominic Snellgrove
  • Mr Eamon Broderick
  • Ms Jennie Officer 
  • Mr Sam Klopper

The deputy members are:

  • Mr Patrick Kosky
    Ms Melinda Payne

Responsible officer (not a committee member):

  • City of Fremantle Manager Development Approvals.

Read the committee's terms of reference.

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Working groups

The City of Fremantle facilitates the following working groups:

Terms of reference, membership and a description of the functions of the groups can be found in the Council: Committees and Groups Register 2019-2021

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