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How to become an elected member

Are you passionate about your local community? Do you want to be able to influence change and ensure that community perspectives are heard? Have you ever thought about becoming a local government councillor? If so, then consider becoming a candidate for the next City of Fremantle local government election in October 2025.

Any eligible elector in the City of Fremantle (who is 18 years of age or older and who is not disqualified) can stand as a candidate in the City of Fremantle Local Government Elections. Nominees of a body corporate cannot stand for election.

Enquiries about your enrolment eligibility status can be checked through the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) website or by calling the WAEC on 13 63 06 (WA only) or 08 9214 0400.

Free Webinar

Learn more about the role and responsibilities of a local government councillor from the following webinar for potential candidates. Held on Monday 14 August 2023 and hosted at WALGA by State President Karen Chappel and featuring presentations from the Electoral Commission, the Department and WALGA staff, the webinar describes the key processes and roles in becoming a Councillor, the webinar included a Question-and-Answer session addressing direct queries from participants. A recording of the webinar, including slides and graphics can be found here.

Who can nominate to become an elected member?

Nominations can only be submitted to the Returning Officer responsible for the City of Fremantle local government elections during the nomination period for each election.

An effective nomination consists of the following:

  • a completed mandatory Local Government candidate induction 
  • a completed nomination form 
  • a profile of the candidate, prepared in accordance with the regulations. Candidate profiles cannot be more than 1000 characters inclusive of spaces. Candidates are also able to provide a written statement for publication on our website. The written statement can contain information that you believe to be relevant to your campaign, in addition to your candidate profile. It must be written in English, accompany your nomination paper and contain no more than 2000 characters, inclusive of spaces. 
  • a nomination deposit 
  • a photograph (optional)

Prior to nominating, potential candidates should also read the Western Australian Electoral Commission's call for nominations notice which covers eligibility and nomination requirements. The notice is available here

To be eligible to nominate for the Council elections, you must be on the electoral roll for the City (resident or owner/occupier). Residents who are on the State Electoral Roll are automatically enrolled to vote.

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