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Current activities

The City of Fremantle Destination Marketing Strategic Plan is a four year strategic plan that outlines the overarching delivery and implementation plan for all destination marketing activity through seven strategic pillars:

  1. Brand
  2. Business tourism
  3. Gateway
  4. Visitor experience
  5. Events
  6. Growth
  7. Partnership and advocacy

The City in partnership with the Destination Marketing Working Group prepares an annual marketing plan to achieve these objectives.

Current and upcoming marketing activity, as at October 2020, includes:

  • Christmas campaign
  • UK/Europe Marketplace
  • December / January school holiday activation

Christmas campaign

The City’s Christmas campaign aims to drive retail spend in Fremantle in the lead up to Christmas by connecting shoppers with the unique retail product in Fremantle stores, promoting Christmas shopping whilst enjoying other experiences on offer and reconnecting shoppers with the iconic experiences in Fremantle.

This year’s campaign will focus largely on a mass advertising approach supported by organic activity through the THIS IS FREMANTLE and Fremantle businesses channels.

The move away from the format applied for the previous two Christmas campaigns is based on analysis of campaign data and the best opportunity to reach and motivate consumers in the current shopping climate. A volatile advertising environment due to COVID-19 has resulted in increased opportunities to advertise on commercial TV and catch up TV. As a result, the Christmas campaign will include:

  • A two station buy between Ch9 and Ch10 (total of 207 spots) commencing 8/11 through to wk beg 6 /12 to leverage the peak Christmas purchasing cycle commencing in early November.
  • Additional editorial support through Weather segments on each channel.
  • Have an estimated to reach nearly 728,237 people within target audience of people 25+ in the Perth metropolitan market.
  • Aired on SBS online in WA commencing wk beg 1/11 through to wk beg 20/12 with an estimated 66,667 impressions.
  • Social media campaign commencing wk beg 1/11 through to wk beg 20/12 with an estimated 400,000 impressions across Facebook/Instagram and 345,000 impressions across YouTube.

Kris Myhre and Mel Smith from Silversquid Productions are producing the 15 second commercial which highlights Santa Claus visiting and Christmas shopping at retail stores in the city centre.

Call out for Christmas events, markets and shopping nights

Each year in the lead up to Christmas and New Year we see a massive amount of interest & traffic to for shoppers looking for Christmas events, markets, special shopping nights, Christmas Day lunches and New Year’s Eve events. Our team are building the ultimate guide for the season and would like to include any events you are planning. Please email details through to

UK/Europe Marketplace

As part of the City’s tourism growth strategy we are representing Fremantle tourism businesses at Tourism Australia’s online UK/Europe Marketplace event from 10-12 November. The event provides an opportunity for tourism businesses with bookable product to establish and maintain businesses relationships with key qualified travel agencies and tour operators from across UK and Europe. If you have bookable tourism product and would like to be represented in this online marketplace please email before Friday 30 October 2020.

Recent campaigns

August campaign results

The objective of the August campaign was to raise awareness of Fremantle and to re-invite people to visit Fremantle again as COVID-19 restrictions eased. It was also an opportunity to take advantage of some extremely competitive advertising rates on commercial TV. The campaign commenced mid August and ran through to mid September reaching 784,519 people in the 25+ age group with an average frequency of 4.63. Ads appeared in key programming such as Nine News, Ten News First, The Bachelor Australia, The Block, A Current Affair and The Project. More than 44,000 people watched the video on SBS through to the end.

Opportunities for businesses to get involved in activations and marketing activity are presented at industry update sessions and the THIS IS BUSINESS e-newsletter.

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