Occupancy permit strata and building approval certificate strata

If you wish to lodge a strata plan for registration or resubdivide a lot in a strata scheme under the Strata Titles Act 1985, you will require an occupancy permit strata from the City. The application form is a BA11 (class 2-9 buildings).

Please note an occupancy permit strata is not an occupancy permit and therefore does not authorise a person to occupy a building. An application for occupancy permit (BA9) will be required to be submitted for such purposes.

A BA15 – building approval certificate strata is used for Class 1 and Class 10 buildings and incidental structures.

Both applications must include a BA18 – Certificate of Building Compliance, certified by a registered building surveyor contractor (in the private sector). All plans and documents listed on the certificate must be submitted with the application.

Please refer to the Building Commission website to obtain the relevant application forms on the Commerce WA website.

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