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The City’s compliance team investigates planning and building issues on private property only. The team also investigate environmental health complaints relating to dust/sand drift, light overspill and stormwater.

All compliance requests must be submitted online:

Anonymous or verbal complaints in person or by telephone will only be responded to if it is an urgent matter of high risk to public health or safety.

Note: all complaints and requests remain highly confidential, however the City of Fremantle is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) and evidence may be required to be given in court. 

Once an offence has been identified, it is investigated and appropriate action taken.  This may result in notices being issued for breaches of the Planning and Development Act 2005, Local Government Act 1995, and the Building Act 2011. A planning Infringement of $500.00 may also be issued.

It may be possible for a retrospective application to be submitted for planning approval, as an attempt to rectify the planning issue.

Planning compliance

Compliance issues relating to the Planning and Development Act 2005 include:

  •     unauthorised development
  •     unauthorised use of land
  •     non-compliance with approved plans
  •     non-compliance with conditions on planning approval.

Building compliance

Compliance issues relating to the Building Act 2011 include:

  •     non-compliance with an approved building permit
  •     non-compliance with an approved building plan
  •     building work affecting neighbouring land
  •     unauthorised building
  •     unauthorised /dangerous swimming pools
  •     dangerous structures.

For information on all other environmental health issues please refer to environmental health.

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