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Development assessment panels


Development assessment panels

Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) deal with large planning applications that exceed $2 million dollars in estimated costs and meet certain other criteria.

Though the City of Fremantle receives and assesses DAP applications for proposals within Fremantle, the final decision on approval or refusal is made by the members of the Metropolitan South West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP), not Fremantle Council. Council (or a delegated City officer) makes a recommendation to the DAPs, but the DAPs do not have to adhere to the recommendation.

The Metropolitan Inner-South  JDAP is composed of five panel members, three of whom are specialist planning members and the other two are local government councillors. For more information about DAPs please see the Western Australian Planning Commission’s website.

Lodging your DAP application

When preparing your DAP application, please contact the City on 1300 693 736 to arrange a consultation meeting with a senior planning officer to discuss the submission requirements and your proposal. Please bring at least one copy of all documents that will be lodged with the complete DAP application.

When you have final drawings and are ready to lodge a DAP application, please contact a senior planning officer on 1300 693 736 to make an appointment so that they may ensure all of the relevant paperwork is submitted with the application.

Current development assessment panel applications being advertised

Engagement processes are available on My Say Freo.

Current Metropolitan Inner-South JDAP agenda

Details and agenda available on DAP website.

MISJDAP/163 - Friday 6 October 2023 - 94 South Terrace, Fremantle - New Distict Police Station - Agenda


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