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Planning application essentials

Submit a development (planning) application online

The City now accepts development applications via our new online portal. Follow the link below to set up an account and submit your application in a few easy steps:

Development approval (also called Planning approval) is required for most types of development and land use in the City of Fremantle. Development includes:

  • the erection, construction or demolition of any building or structure
  • building alterations or additions
  • excavation work.

Key information

These pages contain more information about each topic:

If you wish to discuss your proposal you can speak to a Duty Planner through our Customer Service centre on 1300 693 736 or via email at When emailing, please include a draft copy of your plans or a rough sketch showing dimensions and where on the lot the proposal will be located (including distances from any boundaries) so that we may better assist you. 

Other relevant information may also be found in the your business section.

Special state government exemptions during State of Emergency

In response to the State of Emergency due to COVID-19, the state government has issued a notice of exemption covering a range of temporary exemptions for certain approvals and requirements under Local Planning Scheme No. 4.

The rules are designed to provide flexible responses to a changing crisis environment, support businesses, as well as guarantee the provision of essential community services during this time. These exemptions are temporary and will only remain in effect until 90 days after the end of the State of Emergency. You may need planning approval to continue an exempted land use after this period is over. 

The notice of exemption provides detail of each exemption, including a requirement to notify the City in writing should you wish to undertake one of the exempted uses. Please note the City of Fremantle contains a large number of heritage protected places, which includes heritage areas, for which many of the exemptions do not apply. You can contact the City’s Duty Planner on 1300 693 736 or via email at if you need to confirm the heritage status of your property, or to confirm whether you will need to apply for planning approval.

Planning and Development Regulations 2015

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (WA) include setting out the matters a local government must consider when deciding to grant planning approval and exemptions for certain types of development from requiring planning approval. 

If you would like to know more about the Planning and Development Regulations 2015 please visit the Western Australia Planning Commission website.

Planning in bushfire prone areas

City of Fremantle State Planning Policy 3.7 - Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas applies to lots in designated Bushfire Prone Areas. To learn more about how this policy may affect development for your property, please visit the Bushfire planning reform page.

Please refer the WA accredited practitioners for a list of accredited bushfire assessors who will be able to assist you with development requirements in these areas.

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